Stop giving our money to the underserving

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To the Editor,

A recent Cumberland News Now question asked: Is it reasonable to expect Canada Post to reduce services? Rather than a yes or no answer, it begs the additional response: What was the purpose of Canada Post to begin with?

In fact, the principal purpose of government is to provide services that are not otherwise

available to citizens; that cannot be provided profitably by the private sector and are paid for out of the country's treasury. The idea that every government service must pay for itself is ludicrous.

Imagine what kind of armed forces we would have if their first priority was to pay for themselves, or a railway forced to save on essential maintenance funding or fair wages.

It is one thing to be cost efficient and avoid waste or duplication, but to reduce any

government service because it doesn't meet these goals is simply bowing to the corporate mentality, which calls for profit at all costs.

The provision of essential services to the people is what the money is for, what we pay taxes for, otherwise, who needs government? There is very little that government does that cannot be done more efficiently by the private sector, provided it is possible to earn a fair profit from it.

Following the corporate lead during the late 19th century, governments, including ours, became profit oriented, thus the creation of the so-called Crown Corporations, businesses run by government appointed boards that couldn't be fired for inefficiency, that haven't earned a nickel in profit since.

The answer is to stop giving our money away to the undeserving (isn't it ironic how that word rhymes with Irving) and start paying for services to the people. Any government that did that would stay in power forever.

John G. McKay,


Organizations: Canada Post, Cumberland News, Crown Corporations

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Recent comments

  • Doug P
    January 22, 2014 - 13:00

    The profit and loss system is the only known working directional compass that exists in the allocation of scarce resources between peaceful human beings in the physical world. People as a general pass time love to deride this system that keeps life worth living. The other system of human interaction is called government and it abhors this system of profit and losses, much like in the opinion above. It is this willful blindness that causes so many errors that result in tax rates that are unbelievably high. Its astonishing that people love this and revere such incompetence. _____________________________________________ We as humans have only two ways to deal with each other: peaceful exchange or direct threats. I know which one I prefer because it has proven it works every second of every day, if it did not we would be extinct. The other system of human interaction is government. That being, directives that are backed by threats of violence to supposedly lead the way for humanity. This leaves me with one question to the worshipers of Government power: If violence is never the answer then why is an institution based primarily on it, the answer to everything in your mind? Careful there. Its a loaded question. You might just feel that big piece of 'hypocrite' lodged in your brain.

  • Reason
    July 03, 2013 - 08:38

    "In fact, the principal purpose of government is to provide services that are not otherwise available to citizens; that cannot be provided profitably by the private sector and are paid for out of the country's treasury." This is correct. The point you are ignoring is that Canada Post no longer falls within this realm. The only service it provides that is unique is the letter. I expect a privately offered service would appear if Canada Post didn't exist. That said there are very efficient electronic substitutes available. Currently its an inefficient white elephant that only benefits bureaucrats and unions and, overall, creates a drain on the economy as a whole.

  • anon
    June 29, 2013 - 16:40

    John G. McKay its a sign of the times that mail will soon become electronic and their will be no need for the post office and others wasting paper resources .... parcels will be handled by the professionals with Fed Ex /UPS and hopefully the gov money saved will be put to a better more efficient use