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To the Editor,

Cats, cats and more cats, my neighbourhood is crawling with them. Every spring when my wife and I decide to do a little gardening, our neighbourhood cats see this as we are making some great kitty litter beds. They dig up our tender plants and our freshly planted seeds.

Now all year long the male cats go around marking their territory. Their territory includes my front door and my deck, and let me tell you nothing smells as bad as an unneutered male and a neutered one is not pleasant either.

You may think I don't like cats and you would be wrong. We have two cats, they’re both indoor cats. They are loved cared for, fed and contented.

You people who open the door and allow your cats to roam are not very good owners in fact you should be reported to the SPCA, because you are being cruel, well maybe just thoughtless.

Your cats are great hunters and they kill our songbirds and any small game they can run down. The problem is that these wild things are full of worms and other nasties.

The grass is filled with fleas and blood sucking flies and tics. Your tomcats will fight other cats to protect their territory and can get some nasty cuts and bruises.

Some older cars leak antifreeze, which, while it might taste good to your cats (it has a nice sweet smell) is also poison and will cause brain damage. Then of course they have to cross the streets and could be run over and injured or killed.

Now you say, my cat knows not to cross the street when a car is coming and maybe most of the times this is true, however, he or she sees another cat on the other side, and is totally focused on it dashes out to get at it and splat.

Cats also like to graze, (eat grass) and homeowners like to poison weeds. So how much poison is your cat eating. Cats are not able to stand low temperatures, so if your cat is out in the winter they are suffering.

So all you people who put your cats out, are you really a good owner?

Walt Jones, Amherst

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