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Clearly it's not organic food that needs to be labeled at the supermarket.
Rejecting a Kings County request to restrict the application of treated sewage from Halifax on farmlands, Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau delivered a loaded statement that the provincial guidelines for spreading biosolids are stronger than most before summarizing the decision is ultimately up to the farmer.
Biosolids, treated sewage, is a 20th Century trapping and these guidelines Mr. Sterling speaks of pertain to the allowable metal concentrations in the finished product, allowable definitions for biosolids and orders of compliance were a landowner to use an inferior grade of biosolids.
While the farmer must judge the impact biosolids could pose on buy-local markets nothing is offered to consumers save for the grace of their local grocers to decide if biosolid-grown produce will find its way onto their shelves Presently, you will never know if your carrots grew in a different kind of stew before they become a part of your evening menu.
A cheaper alternative to conventional fertilizers, it would seem the province is avoiding an outright ban on biosolids because it's the cheapest way to dispose of HRM's human waste. Sewage from residential, hospital, industrial, street run-off and commercial sources in the provincial capital, is treated by destroying the bacteria, and then is sold to farmers at a fraction of the cost of conventional fertilizers.
Nowhere in the provincial restrictions, however, are guidelines for the labeling or disclosure of municipal waste-grown produce, an omission that plays into the hands of foreign markets looking to cut costs and unload questionable fares.
With the cost of conventional fertilizers doubling in recent years, it's reasonable to deduct biosolids will only increase in commercial popularity, making it all the more important consumers can make an informed decision at the counter.

Geographic location: Kings, Halifax

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