Strange times in which we live

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To the editor,
It's a strange world when ...
Seventy civilians are killed and one insurgent death is reported; pop machines are taken there and an oil barrel is brought here.
Half a million people in North America die each year from cancer after breaking the government seal to get to the cigarette, while the government's message is your health is our prime concern; get the flu shot.
We cannot protect our children from drug cartels, but an Afghan woman is collaterally neutralized because a rocket fell on her to protect her.
Pharmaceutical companies are depressed because the sales of anti-depressants dropped.
An immigrant lives in a city called Toronto, a Mohawk word, and Canada, an Iroquois word; while the originators of these words live on reserves and their words are placed, by other than them, on Apache helicopters and Tomahawk missiles that are used to usurp the land from another indigenous people.
Democracy 250 is proclaimed while women, blacks and aboriginals could not vote until only decades ago.
Big banks get bailed out, while the poor who cannot find jobs have to join the military to kill the poor from somewhere else who cannot find jobs; yet the ones who send these people to kill own stocks in the weapon manufacturers.
It is profits and a piece of them, and not Prophets, peace be upon them.
William C. King, Halifax

Geographic location: North America, Toronto, Canada

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