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So, what should we make of this situation? Witnesses at a local pub Sunday evening watched as Springhill's Canine Control Officer backed his work vehicle into another vehicle. Rather than pull away from the struck automobile, the Canine Control Officer proceeded into the pub and took a seat after finding out who owned the vehicle.
Meanwhile, patrons inspected the vehicles while the Springhill Police chatted with a motorist at the other end of the parking lot.
Eventually police asked from their police cruiserwho owned the struck car and who owned the offending vehicle, still parked on an angle against the car. After being informed it was the Canine Control Officer, the police officer passed on a message that if the owner of the struck vehicle wanted anything done to call on them and went on their way.
Meanwhile, witnesses started wondering: is this really the best follow up the Springhill Police could have come up with.
The Canine Control Officer is under the employ of the Springhill Police Service. A community's perception of itself and the perception outsiders have of us are forged through small deeds as well as great deeds and in this instance most had the same opinion: "If that was you or me that wouldn't have happened."
Few, if any, would expect the police to move on if they were in the shoes of the Canine Control Officer. Many would expect the police walk up to our table and ask us to explain why we left a truck parked up against a car.
Yes, police are not required to be present at the scene of an accident if the damage does not exceed $1,000, but can that be determined from the driver's seat at the other end of a parking lot while the vehicles remain bumber-to-fender? Without a doubt, there were those who felt something wrong had taken place and it would not have taken much time for the police to exhibit due diligence and determine an appropriate action where they seemed engaged with the solution instead of driving away allowing for the matter to clear itself up.
Eventually someone volunteered to move the truck and others buffed the scrapes and paint from the vehicles the best they could.
It wasn't in the volunteers' job description that Sunday evening, but they did it.

Organizations: Canine Control Officer, Springhill Police Service

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