Future not good for bee population

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To the Editor;
There is a certain element of gratification in seeing ones conclusions acknowledged by the high-priced help.
On June 23, I submitted an editorial attempting to explain the reason for the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) among the honeybees. In it, I pointed out that the bees were simply being poisoned by the chemically outrageous use of herbicides and pesticides.
Anyone who viewed the Nature program on PBS last Sunday would have seen that my conclusions were verified by a number of investigators in various parts of the world.
Of course, the program producers would have to tone it down to something less than an outright accusation, in deference to the intense pressure brought to bear by the chemical corporations, while still making it abundantly clear that if the chemicals were not 100-per-cent responsible for the die-off, that they were certainly weakening the bees to the extent that natural viruses and parasites were finishing them off.
Another observation made in the program was that if the current rate of die-off continues until 2035, there would be no bees left to pollinate our food crops.
John G. McKay, Amherst

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