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We're getting there bit by bit, seeing limits on certain unhealthy ingredients in food products.
The problem is, however, such progress often does not come as an initiative of the manufacturers, but from governments setting maximum levels for such health-compromising additives as transfats and salt.
A study publicized Thursday reveals that the makeup of certain brands of processed and fast foods are not necessarily equal from country to country.
On top of this, people in this country will learn from the study from the British-based World Action on Salt and Health, or WASH, that the salt content is relatively higher in many Canadian versions of food.
The extra salt content held true for a number of fast foods as well as such household staples as breakfast cereal. The study showed, for example, that Kellogg's All Bran sold in Canada contains 2.15 grams of salt per 100 gram serving, while All Bran found in the U.S. contains 70 per cent less salt with just 0.65 grams found in the same amount of cereal.
For some, it might be no big deal. For others, it might. For those who need to watch their sodium intake, it might well be an outrage.
Governments took up the gauntlet not long ago, with some jurisdictions striving to put an end to artery-clogging transfats in foods.
Now that that particular demon is being slowly conquered, expect governments to set their sights on salt content. Salt is considered a leading cause of high blood pressure, which can in turn lead to heart disease and other serious health concerns.
It's difficult to fathom the rationale of some companies within the food/fast food industry to stray from wholesomeness. One would think, at the very least, they'd like to see people live longer to continue buying their products.
Beyond that, they should realize that people, quite independent of government regulations, might educate themselves on food content and simply stop buying their brand.

Organizations: World Action on Salt, Kellogg's

Geographic location: Canada, U.S.

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