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Some Canadians, it seems, will not be content until they are no longer Canadians.
On Sunday the Parti Quebecois unveiled its newest strategy to separate the belle province from Canada and become and independent nation.
At its core, PQ leader Pauline Marois says the strategy drops the "all or nothing" outcome of referendums and introduces a series of step-by-step accomplishments to win over the public's favour. Further, the PQ vows its will not go back to a referendum until it is either confident it has the support of a majority or unless Ottawa refuses to comply with its demands.
Marois and the PQ are seeking full control over taxation, immigration, the environment and agriculture as well as its airwaves. It is also seeking control of federal lands, such as the Plains of Abraham, which brought the issue of Quebec sovereignty to the forefront after protest cancelled a reenactment of the Battle of the Fields of Abraham
And therein lies the rub. Following the Battle of the Fields of Abraham in 1759, otherwise known as the Battle of Quebec, the British victory over the French lead to the Articles of Capitulation of Quebec, handing the city over to English rule. By 1760 the British took over Montreal and in 1763 the Treaty of Paris was signed, ending the war and giving possession of "New France" to the British.
Abandoned by their motherland, the orphans of war remaining in Canada became British citizens by default.
History is rife with examples of one country defeating another and in each it becomes the responsibility of the victor to accept responsibility for the abandoned and defeated. It is a bloody process but now, almost 350 years later, we can argue nationalists and seperatists share the same quality of life entitled to every Canadian.
The seperatists movement is a dangerous hobby, promoting a thug-like mentality akin to terrorism. Should the line become crossed and force is used against anyone not in support of seperatism, as organizers the Parti Quebecois must be dismantled and its leaders locked up as dictated in section 46(2.a) of the Criminal Code.

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