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We can expect some good old-fashioned politics after Nova Scotia selects its government June 9. A minority government for either side is plausible but the margin will be considerably different than the 23-20 split between the Progressive Conservatives and the New Democrats that we saw in 2006.
There will be bitterness and there will be scorn and without a doubt it's long overdue.
Whoever said minority governments are good for everyone involved clearly has never had to make a tough decision in their life nor stand their ground, which is what makes this election so interesting. Premier Rodney MacDonald and NDP leader Darrell Dexter commanded respect from one another to make the last minority governments prosper and, like a married couple, remained civil and understanding of one-another's opinions.
That is, until money became involved.
According to one survey, sixty per cent of marriages end in divorce because of money and 93 per cent report money issues as the number-one cause of stress in their relationships so it's no surprise it terminated the last government.
Nova Scotia was paying down its debt but Rodney wanted to hold-off on this year's payment and use the surplus to upgrade infrastructure and balance the budget. Dexter, on the other hand, wanted to maintain the debt reduction, thus not incurring new debt through interest fees, etc.
Sounds like a married couple, huh? One wants a boat and the other doesn't want the bills.
Well, that's all over now. The divorce is final and the custody proceedings are on. With a bit of luck the next government will receive sole custody and the sidestepping and hushed voices we've had to listen to will come to a torrid end. As recent voter turnouts have proven, no one is passionate about minority governments and its quite likely Nova Scotians will never become passionate about politics again until there is a clear and present danger from a majority.

Organizations: Progressive Conservatives

Geographic location: Nova Scotia

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