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Anew flu and possible pandemic has the world flustered.
Attached to the common flu virus - Influenza A - the swine flu skipped the species barriers which generally prevents animal viruses from infecting human hosts and vice-versa. As reported, the swine flu appears to have originated in Mexico and has spread to Canada, Israel, New Zealand and Asia, just to name a few of the infected countries. Currently sitting at threat level 4, the swine flu is two-grades away from pandemic status, like the Spanish flu of 1918 which aggressively wiped out between 20 and 100 million lives.
Obvious signs of the swine flu mirror that of any other cold, virus and infectious ailment - cough, sore throat, fatigue and headache - meaning, for this end of the planet at least, anyone who is unseasonably well-tanned and back from Mexico with a sore throat and cough should stay home while awaiting medical assistance.
Canada, while being one of the eight most-industrialized nations on the planet, is prone to another Western-disease: to uphold productivity at any cost, including the expense of family or even health. It's a strange phenomenon yet we all can probably think of a time when, if not ourselves, a co-worker arrived on the job with tissues in hand as snot rolled down their chin and coughed up a storm, swearing to the heavens they needed to work.
Ours is a society of self-made pariahs when it comes to disease.
As the swine flu runs it course, health organizations will encourage the ill to stay home and reduce the possible risk of infection. This is great advice for whatever ails you but, unfortunately, not always Kosher with most work-place environments. Sick time must be a balance for both employee and employer.
As a G8 nation its time we started acting like a country of privilege and foster new ways of thinking when it comes to disease prevention in the workplace while upholding progress. Rest, after all, is prescribed for the benefit of the ill and their coworkers.

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