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To the Editor,
I am writing to you to send my deepest thanks to all the doctors and nurses as well as all the support staff who work so hard at the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre at Upper Nappan. This also includes the kitchen and cleaning staff as well as the ambulance drivers and paramedics who work so hard each and every day to take care of all the patients in the hospital. Unless you have spent any time in the hospital, as I have had to do for 10 days, you cannot appreciate this hospital as I do.
On Feb. 10 while at work, I had a heart attack and from the minute I arrived at the hospital, I knew these people were professionals and I was in good hands.
Within a few minutes, I was admitted and was in the ICU hooked up to oxygen, as well as all the other machines needed. Nitrol and other medicines including blood thinners were given with a doctor and nurse asking questions as well as watching the monitors.
Blood pressure was taken, EKG and blood samples were also taken. Everyone worked like a well-oiled machine but the love and caring was there and I began to relax - the worry was gone for I knew I was going to be all right.
Within a half-hour the heaviness in my arms and chest were going and breathing became more easier. Within a few hours, it was confirmed I had a heart attack and I was admitted as there was a blockage in my heart. Depending on when I could get into the hospital in Halifax for a dye test, I would have to stay in bed in this hospital. I was in ICU from Tuesday morning until Friday afternoon and I cannot say enough about the nurses who worked so hard to make things easier for myself and the other patients. The cleaners and the meals for the most part were excellent - better than any other hospital I have been in in Nova Scotia, that's for sure.
I was transferred to the second floor to continue my bed rest until Thursday morning when I was sent to Halifax by ambulance for dye treatment and angioplasty with two more stents implanted. I was kept overnight then sent back by ambulance to Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre to be discharged after consultation with doctors and nurses about medicines, diet, exercise, etc.
To make a point, over the years I have heard and read of concerns about this new hospital, along with staff, that had me concerned but I can say those are uncalled for. Too many times we only hear about the negative things, so I felt it was time to tell something positive.
The positive things about this hospital are the doctors and nurses as well as all the support staff are dedicated health care workers that do all they can for the people of Cumberland County.
I am for one glad they were there when I needed them. Great job and thank you all for what you do for all of us. May God bless each and every one of you in the years to come.
Sincerely yours, a thankful heart attack victim,
Rubin Millard, Oxford

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