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To the Editor,
I have been following the quandry related to pay first-gas later and comparisons with the British Columbia method.
While vacationing in B.C. recently, I drove to the pump and kicked it a few times when it wouldn't pump! Because that didn't work, I entered the station and was told of their pay first/gas later method and the reason why it had come into existence. I had no problem with it.
We have been fortunate not to have had the horrendous outcome which B.C. encountered.
Knowing what was required of me as a consumer, the system worked efficiently and effectively. I left my method of payment card with the cashier, pumped the gas, paid the bill and returned to my car. As is now, until the bill is paid, no one else can use the pump. For those pumps able to accept charge or debit cards, that method remained. Amazed at the number of debit card users, during my own informal survey of gas stations years ago, I was advised that very few patrons carried cash any more. So while every system inconveniences some, and while we live in a society which forces the many to have rules to keep the few in check, I can't see how this would prove to be excessively problematic.
Maybe this can be the new drive-thru. Drop your card off at one window, pump your gas and drive around to the other side to pick up your card. Wow, I've just invented a new business to further expand the waistbands of Nova Scotians.

Sheila Graham, Amherst

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Recent comments

  • Max
    January 18, 2010 - 11:04

    In the long run, much more convenient. And by not having to enter the gas station to pay after pumping your gas, people will be able to avoid the temptation to purchase such items as chocolate bars, potatoe chips, soft drinks and cigarettes. That should make everyone happy, particularly the vendor!! Great for the economy now we are in the midst of a recession and depression.

  • so sad for troy
    January 18, 2010 - 10:54

    troy when you were little just the other day did a big bad gasman steal your lunch money - you are embaressing yourself with every post on here

  • Troy
    January 18, 2010 - 10:38

    Thats right Max,,I agree 100% cause the least $$$ we give those gas stations the better!!! They have been ripping us off with their price gouging for far to long and I think that the more we stay out of the stations the better off we will be . If you want chocolate bars or chips ,,go to a local store to support your neighbor,,but don't give to those price gouging crooks unless it is absolutley necessary for gas only and maybe they will get the hint that maybe it isn't so great to stick it to the general pubic every chance they get with raising gas prices!!