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A bone flute found in China is believed to be the oldest musical instrument in the world. Discovered in 1962, the Neolithic discovery was later carbon dated in 1999 and revealed to be 9,000 years old.
Is this how long it has taken civilization to face prejudice?
It took a century after the emancipation lead by Abraham Lincoln before African-Americans enjoyed the basic right of sitting at the front a bus or sitting alongside Caucasian students in the same class room, and even then it was at the cost of violence, death and hardship. It seems impossible for some to believe this violence came a mere 50 years ago and many will take the stand and say we have come a long way as far as equal rights are concerned, but we still have a long way to go.
Indeed, ours is a changing world but it is one that pats itself on the back when it admits the error of its ways. True, the condemning of barriers is to be celebrated but it is also indicative of the challenges we still face.
Prejudice is not a Western civilization born endemic. It is world wide and rife through history. The belief one person is greater than another is the backbone of history thus far; the will of one ethnic people over another has built pyramids, railroads and civilizations. It has ignored facts and allowed the ruling class to write a history we are only now correcting.
Overcoming this mindset is still years in the making despite what we decry as just and the day will come when we can look back and accept the barbarity of our own past.
Prejudice is alive and well in modern society but is often tucked away and now, millennia after that simple bone flute was made, we can only say we are beginning to get things right. Not perfect, but right, and there will be many more miles to be travelled before we do get things right. As we travel down this road let us learn, accept and find understanding for ourselves and those close to us at every available opportunity.
In doing so we can hope history records us as the beginning of a new world whose foundation took 9,000 years to build.

Geographic location: China

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