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It seems the only parties affected by the recent prorogue of government in Canada are that of the opposition.
Calling for the prorogue after a coalition agreement between the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois threatened to topple Stephen Harper's Conservatives, the Government of Canada has been surprisingly spry during what is supposed to be a cooling off period for Canada's elected politicians.
On the heels of the United States-lead bailout of auto companies, dubbed "the big three," Harper announced Canada was also set to commit $4 billion just days after his government announced Canada is aligned to face a string of deficit years. Then, despite all his talk of creating a more democratically selected senate, Harper went on to fill a number of vacant seats in the senate, including the appointment of television personality Mike Duffy and broadcaster Pamela Wallin. Granted the senate appointment are at the discretion of the PM, the move has done little to change his image as a leader who has no trouble speaking out of both sides of his mouth. As for the bailout, which will ride on the backs of the taxpayers, while it is arguably a pressing issue its magnitude warrants discussion by the government-as-a-whole to deliberate; $4 billion, after all, is a pretty hefty chunk of change to just throw around without proving a method behind their madness nor allowing the opposition to question that number right down to the last red cent.
Picking on Harper's Conservative government is like shooting fish in a barrel and his lack of protocol and self-serving antics only makes the act all the more tempting. The real disapointment behind these recent events, however, has been the general lack of response from the opposition parties, putting their own actions into question. Where we would expect to hear an outcry towards Harper's business-as-usual approach after receiving the prorogue he pined for, we can only wonder if the Liberals, Bloc and NDP are being just as self-serving with their silence.

Organizations: Bloc Quebecois

Geographic location: Canada, United States

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