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Today is a new day and there is now a new government in Canada.
As of press time we can't predict who will be in charge on Wednesday or what the government will even look like. Maybe we'll wake up and become awestruck the Green Party slipped right up the middle with the New Democrats and are now in a struggle to make their minority governments work but, more likely, the Conservatives, Liberals and Bloc Quebecois are up to their old shenanigans. But, again, we don't know at this juncture. Right now ballots are being cast, sweat is pouring and knuckles are clenched as the tallies start rolling in. Today, Tuesday, tears will be shed and placards will be waved as one camp gets to whoop and holler while the other sulks away for another four years.
But on Wednesday someone will have to get down to business. During the campaign we heard very little other than the Conservatives propose cuts to the arts and are particularly fond of Australian speech writers, the Liberals have an indecisive leader and that the NDP aren't quite with it on a national scale. Despite all the election rhetoric one prevalent theme came to the global forefront; that there is a financial crisis threatening to put middle to low-income families down yet another notch.
Regardless of whoever is in power this should signal alarm bells. Rising fuel costs, a poor year for area farmers and less than stellar crops threatens to have this demographic shoulder much of the burden. To think a financial crisis in one nation does not affect another is ignorance. Many of these large financiers are so intertwined with national economies that trouble in one market implies trouble for another. In an uncanny unified tone the G8 signaled there is a global crisis, meaning Canada is not exempt. Does this mean, Canada, too, should provide a financial bailout for Bay Street? Not necessarily. What it does mean is all those who ran and all of those who were elected should do exactly what they promised and protect the interests of their constituents and be ready to voice the needs of their riding over that of their party - if they have one - because a depression will need a bottom-up philosophy.

Organizations: Conservatives, Green Party, Bloc Quebecois NDP

Geographic location: Canada, Bay Street

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