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These have been strange days as the federal election awakens with hot campaign action.
Candidates are being dropped in, tackled and even bombed without so much as a touchdown in sight.
Green Party leader Elizabeth May had the Canadian public rally behind her after Prime Minister Steven Harper and the NDP's Jack Layton refused to participate in a leaders forum if the Pictou-area candidate was included, but after the aforementioned outrage minds changed and an offer was extended for May to participate in the soon-to-be televised debate.
Meanwhile, May has launched a cross-Canada nostalgia campaign in the style of John Diefenbaker by hopping aboard a train and promising to make as many stops as possible and speak to communities connected by rail, which have normally not been campaign hot spots. Preaching the green advantage of using train travel in this day and age, May was rather coy in Vancouver on Sunday neglecting to mention how she landed in the Pacific coast city to catch that train.
Meanwhile, the NDP have been discovering a number of marijuana sympathizers in their midst. Candidates Kirk Tousaw and Dana Larson resigned from their campaigns after video evidence of them either smoking a bowl with renowned marijuana activist Marc Emery or enjoying the herb on their own surfaced, as well as Larson partaking in a hallucinogenic trip. With both possessing strong pro-pot portfolio's one has to wonder if the rise and fall of both candidates was a ruse by the NDP to keep the issue of reforming marijuana laws on the federal radar as the matter has hardly received 10 seconds of coverage otherwise. Or perhaps the failed-candidates really just got the wrong impression about the NDP after Layton appeared in a video discussing marijuana laws on the website The Conservatives, too, lost Toronto candidate Chris Reid resigning over blog comments he made condemning bus passengers for not stopping the murder of 22-year-old Chris Reid when he was attacked this summer.
He resigned soon after the blog was discovered.
And, finally, there's Liberal leader Stephan Dion, who was at the butt of starting all this weirdness after being pooped on by a Conservative puffin in a campaign ad.
Politics is not what it used to be.

Organizations: NDP, Green Party, Cross-Canada Conservatives

Geographic location: Pictou, Vancouver, Pacific Toronto

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