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We're just weeks away from yet another municipal election and all is quite on the front lines compared to the election fever of 2004, which saw all walks of life gun for a chance to sit in Springhill's council chambers.
Unlike those days, there's almost an air of apathy in Springhill. Few, we know of, want to run for office.
The situation is so stagnant it's possible Springhill has finally caught up with the national trend of fewer citizens giving a hoot when it comes time to cast a ballot and perhaps we'll see a dip in the polls this year.
Regardless, for those political junkies who do wait eagerly for an election, this is an exciting time for Springhill. Exciting because the commitments made in the next four years will effectively seal the deal on its future. Underground infrastructure throughout the community is aging to the point the town received an award for some of its piping older than 100 years. Already work has taken place along McGee Street and plans have been ongoing for a sewage extension, at least, on upper Main Street. As noted in Springhill's strategic plan (which was finally made available after a three year wait) exploiting the community's mine-based geothermal resource to the community will require a council that will establish a committee whose recommendations are acted on for the sake of developing this resource - because we won't want to dig up our streets again after paving over new underground infrastructure -- or, if not anything, provide scientific data explaining why geothermal might have limitations to the community's downtown core where we won't need to have such long-range projections.
Springhill is going to need some long-term strategists in council who effectively communicate just what they are doing and why. Too often we get blind-sided by those who are quick and eager to talk about right now when decisions made just for today can provide poor footholds for the future.
Keep your eyes and ears open this election to see if you can determine the best candidates for council and, by all means, get out there and vote. The candidate you like might find themselves on the sidelines if you're not willing to back them.
That is, if they even decide to run.

Geographic location: Springhill, McGee Street

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