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Reaching a low in the polls during the month of April, Stephan Dion's Liberals played possum before the summer, either sitting in the House with their mouths shut or not showing up at all over confidence votes.
A more recent poll, however, pitted the Liberal's just one per cent over the leading Conservatives 30 per cent of the popular vote and now they can't stop talking. Riding on the buzz of the party's Green Shift plan to move $15 billion in income tax over time to offset a carbon tax on polluters, Dion is telling us now that Canadians want a fall vote and that the whole reason he didn't command his party to force a Spring election was because of voter fatique. It's amazing how emphatic Dion's magic mirror is.
Or perhaps he's just a selective memory.
Since taking charge of the Liberals, just to name a few examples, Dion has talked tough about crime and the voted against increasing the minimum sentencing for gun related crimes; in 1999 as Minister of Environment argued Canada could not meet the Kyoto emission targets and then, when running for leadership of the Opposition, said he could meet the targets by 2012 - if he took leadership of the Liberals.
Then, as our final example, in February of this year Dion declared the Liberals would not support the Tory's budget. And then voted in favour of it. At the time he claimed the budget moved in the direction Liberals wanted for the nation but now says it was because he didn't want to burden us in our fatigued state with another election.
Is this really who we want having the final say on the future of rural Canada?
At the end of the day, Dion has been following a self-serving agenda to get himself and the Liberals into power just as former Prime Minister Paul Martin was willing to do whatever it took to get in power, including abandoning his duties in cabinet in 2002 to run for the leadership. And we will all remember the watered down leadership Martin offered with his minority government after acting so gung-ho. A unified front and strong leadership is what Canadians want. It's a formula that worked for the Conservatives - largely in part to then-party and now dissident MP Bill Casey - and one the Liberals could benefit from if they could just get Dion's to stop asking his magic mirror who's the farest (fairest?) of them all.

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  • smoke and mirrors
    March 09, 2010 - 09:26

    Dion is putting on a smoke and mirrors illusion. First, if it is money they require to fight pollution then take the money from the income taxes already collected to fight the pollution and forget about another tax, or is this just a scam to get more taxes out of people that can ill afford more taxes. Second, Most working families cannot afford to do the reapis to their houses that would be required to save the amount of money that the extra carbon tax would cost. and Third,
    the only people that will benefit are the people making in the six figures as they can afford to do renovations and will get the majority of the income tax rebates outlined. Dion has shown once again why he is and his party are on the sidelines. Ondinary workers are only a hinderance as their main concerns are helping upper middle class and large corporations