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If nothing else the controversial appointment of Dr. Henry Morgentaler to the Order of Canada has rekindled an interest in the coveted civilian award presented annually by the Governor General. With its motto, "They desire a better community," the nation is divided over the appointment of pro-abortionist activist Morgentaler who has fought a number of legal cases defending women's right to have the procedure performed. Some are for the appointment, other against and there is a third group who does not even want to discuss the matter, mirroring the complex debate Morgentaler and his work has been the centre of.
Morgentaler's life pursuit to ensure women can abort pregnancy has not been without danger. In 1983 an individual attacked him with a pair of garden shears outside his Toronto clinic only to be physically defended by Canadian journalist and women's right activist Judy Rebick. In 1992 his Toronto clinic was bombed but no one was injured.
For many, the termination of a pregnancy is an affront to life itself. Others, it is considered just a medical procedure.
And then there is the Order of Canada debate; they desire a better community.
Were we to ignore the moral debate attached to abortion we could conclude the procedure itself is best performed by a doctor. Historically, abortions have been performed under the cloak of darkness using strange remedies and herbs known as abortifacients. Knitting needles, coat hangers and wire were also considered state of the arts tools of the trade. Therein lies the gnawing debate of abortion itself: Who's right to life supercedes the other?
At its very core, Morgentaler has taken the barbarity of this procedure and taken it from the back alley and placed it in the clinic, providing modern medicine and security to that of the patient determined to see the procedure through. In essence, he followed his desire to improve his community.
What the Order of Canada has not done is put an end to the debate of abortion and Morgentaler's appointment has spurned us to continue the debate as to whether our definition of community is one where children always play or one where we can wait until the time is right.

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