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Canada has taken measures against the African nation of Zimbabwe and its longtime ruler Robert Mugabe who was sworn in as president for a sixth term. At the heart of the matter, the allegation Mugabe has run his nation with an iron fist and the most recent election was a sham after opponent Morgan Tsvangirai backed out of the election and fled the nation after he and his supporters became the target of ongoing violence and intimidation, leaving Mugabe the only choice for Zimbabwe.
Human Rights Watch reported threats of violence were uttered by Mugabe supporters against anyone who could not prove they voted and some residents stated they were forced to vote or become brutalized.
His fellow African leaders are calling for Mugabe to share power with his expat-opponent but Canada has stepped up and condemned Mugabe, calling the election illegitimate and imposing sanctions against the nation and its government. In a short period of time, Canada has set the ground work to deny any senior Zimbabwean government, military or police officials from traveling, studying or working within Canada while continuing to deny any flight from Zimbabwe from entering or even flying over Canada.
Canada will continue to enforce its ban on exporting military goods to the nation and is now encouraging Canadian business from doing business with Zimbabwe.
This is not the first time Canada has taken a hard line on a seemingly dictatorial nation. Under the leadership of Brian Mulroney in the 1980s Canada imposed similar measures during the apartheid of South Africa, which did put Canada at odds with American and British governments but was considered a bold move in forcing South Africa to end its violent separation of race.
With the planet howling that Mugabe must be removed, it is integral we keep abreast of the state of affairs in Zimbabwe. The deeds of one man stands to shape that nation poorly and the quality of life its people will suffer in its wake require us, as passive observers, to be prepared to ask our elected officials to do more. That is the right and freedom of living in a democratic society; something Zimbabweans are pining for right now.

Organizations: Human Rights Watch

Geographic location: Canada, Zimbabwe, South Africa

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