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One of the virtues of church outside its spiritual mandate is the sense of community congregation brings. It is here many learn who their neighbours are and given more dimension to the people we meet everyday performing everyday duties. We see the pharmacist is more than their job but a member of a family. We learn the man in a suit and tie is devoted to more than what we would assume in passing on a Monday morning as the work-whistle is about to blow.
In Springhill and many other small rural communities a unique problem is arising, not with the congregations but their arrival to the sermon. Motor vehicles are exceeding the abilities of the church parking lots. How, then, do we address this issue without creating strife or making offence? The answer, perhaps, is within the church itself. Worship is a very personal act and yet it is often best enjoyed in the company of others through hymn, prayer, devotion and meditation.
In an effort to unblock our street corners and the congested roadways for the time being it would best serve our communities, neighbours and conscience to share in the attendance of church. Carpooling, albeit a small sacrifice independent driving allows, is an easy remedy for the possible troubles parking on crosswalks, blocking intersections and hindering the flow of traffic on side roads caused by today's attendance. Its safe to say when our ancestors built-up the community to have the inspiring infrastructure we enjoy today they had no notion of the number of motor vehicles competing for accessible parking. As the days become longer and warmer our thoughts should turn to the teachings of St. Thomas and enjoy that all around us and walk with our neighbour to church.
Indeed, parking in a small community is not an issue limited to the church but it is an issue best tasked with the congregation because it is through their leadership and direction we see our community develop and it is through their example a small community can create solutions together. No other body meets on a more consistent basis in rural Canada than that of the church and by way of example and consideration small solutions can be made right here in our own backyard on a Sunday for the rest of us moving towards our Monday to Friday.

Geographic location: Springhill, St. Thomas, Canada

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