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Living in a nation and culture where an alleged offender is provided council, a fair trial, and all of the necessary resources to guide them through the court system while watchdog operations sit in the wings to jump to their aide should things seem amiss, it becomes difficult for some to empathize for anyone caught up in a legal mess outside of Canada.
Such is the case of Brenda Martin who is now jailed in a Mexican prison. For many the notion someone could be locked behind bars for two years without so much as a charge being laid is so alien and foreign their reaction is to balk and assume guilt was provided.
This, unfortunately, is not the case. Martin has been confined to the same space as murderers and thieves since February 2006 under the pretense she may have had something to do with a multi-million dollar Internet scam. Not only had an associate of Martin's, Alyn Waage of Edmonton, been sentenced to 10 years in a California prison for committing the crime, but signed an affidavit stating Martin had nothing to do with the crime. Unfortunately Waage's affidavit was signed in the United States while Martin is in Guadalajara, Mexico. The two courts have very little to do with each other it seems
There are allegations of Martin's rights being violated and there are allegations she confessed to a crime. At the end of the day, though, we know this: she has been incarcerated for two years without formally being charged.
Regardless of her innocence or guilt and independent of any body of evidence police or lawyers may be prepared to present it should be considered of the highest priority that any Canadian citizen imprisoned or unreasonably detained without charge should have the full support of the nation. Should a charge find its way before the foreign courts then the dynamics of the matter obviously change but in the case of Martin, however, charges have yet to surface even while the international press and politicos put the screws to both Mexico and Stephen Harper's Conservative government here in Canada to intervene.
It should not be a matter of debate to support Martin while she's imprisoned without charge.
It should be a priority.

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