There ought to be a law

Christopher Gooding
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What, pray tell, could the federal Liberals and their leader Stephane Dion be tolling away at while the NAFTA scadal ensues? Could be it be health care reforms or an overhaul to transfers that would allow efficient provincial infrastructure renewal? Could it be the Liberals are scrutinizing the fine print of Chapter 11 within the North American Free Trade Agreement as the United States ramp up to make the entire contract an election issue?
No. The Liberals have used their time to draft a motion on Thurs, Mar. 12, that condemns fellow opposition parties for helping remove the Liberal Party from power in 2005.
After flip-flopping on just about every issue that's come before the Speaker, ending in the Liberals virtually siding whole-heartedly with the Conservative budget, which if struck down could have spurned an election, Dion's great follow up was a motion that the Bloc and NDP are to blame.
In his short time as leader of the federal Liberals Dion has made it clear he has no intention of moving his party or the nation into an election unless its clear he will win, making him the sneaking, conniving and spineless sort Canadians do not react well to at election time.
It's a farce the Liberals are standing behind Dion at this stage. No amount of rhetoric can justify a leader who puts his own agenda ahead of the nation and nothing can be said to assuage the Canadian people after making such an asinine resolution in Parliament. Did the Liberals spend an appropriate amount of time and money getting the wording just right or did they just throw it together?
Did they check with the opinons of those waiting months on end for surgery or students participating in fundraisers to have penciles and glue in their classrooms how they felt about the resolution before presenting it? Given the weight of the motion, which essentially reads, "You guys suck," this is a travesty.
The speaker of the house should be empowered to fine leaders and parties when such a blatant misappropriation of time and tax dollars has taken place, diverting the money back into any one of the federal service overlooked by the shenanigan.
Then, at least , something is getting done.

Organizations: NAFTA, Liberal Party, NDP

Geographic location: United States

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