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  • Fuzzy Bear
    February 08, 2014 - 10:50

    There is no rocket science here and as Doug says, our whole electoral system needs to be severely overhauled. Our parliamentary system was created during times that could not even fathom where we are today so how could a system like that keep pace with technology and the desires of people elected who once elected start showing their own hidden agenda's. The path to anywhere starts with the first step so lets get it ON! Let parliament create a committee who answer to no elected official including the PMO and comprised of the same number of elected members from each official party and commence the study on parliamentary reform. Based on what we have seen over the last number of years, the senate should be the first urgent project on their agenda. Review it's benefits to our country and decide once and for if it is to become elected or abolished. It has become a den of patronage appointed corruption. If the senate is to remain and represent a region of this great country then they should be elected by that region. Secondly our very own elected MP's need to be more transparent and open to the people that elected them. In private business every expense claim is subject to scrutiny by the company financial personnel. MP's should not be any different or have any classified expenses if they are truly representing their constituents and are spending their tax dollars.

  • Doug P
    February 07, 2014 - 15:01

    Senate reform? How about parliament reform. The senate debate on whether we should have one at all vs. elected senators is a wonderful example of missing the primary point: what is it that elected officials actually do? They claim that they are our protection and representatives, but all that is produced by them is harm and increasing levels of corruption not to mention endless schemes of confiscation. A politician is nothing more than an auctioneer of other peoples property who are never asked if they wanted it sold in the first place.