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Riding a bicycle is one of those things most people can do, although if they’ve been away from it for a while they possibly could use some brushing up of skills.

This is the time to do it. Not only are we well into some fine spring weather, but it’s Bike Week in Nova Scotia, offering plenty of opportunities to get together with others for a two-wheeled tour.

Cycling and its numerous benefits have been picking up a great reputation for a number of years now. In urban areas it’s touted as one way to relieve the congestion of traffic – with bike lanes and paths a growing trend to make bicycle commutes possible.

That’s also happening to some extent in our smaller towns in Nova Scotia.

But rural areas offer some exhilarating opportunities as well, with a growing network of trails that are excellent for mountain bikes.

And that’s one thing for those who have been away from cycling for a while. The equipment available continues to adapt to the conditions a person wants to tackle, from typical road excursions to off-road, rails to trails or, for the hardcore enthusiasts, even rougher terrain.

As for the benefits, they’re becoming more and more apparent. Never has our lifestyle been more sedentary – part of the reason being that so many people take their motor vehicle for granted, even for short trips. Getting in the habit of human-powered transportation is one of the best things people can do for their health.

And did we mention the gas mileage? The cost of fuel to get around courtesy of the internal combustion engine – it gets plenty of complaints, for every penny it increases. But biking is one way to thumb your nose at the oil barons and tell them they can keep their product.

Check around in your area for events going on. There’s something for every level, from beginner on up to avid enthusiast. It’s a fantastic group experience, it’s a way to see the scenery from a new angle and it could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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