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This week is a great time to get into an excellent habit – going for a good brisk walk every day.

With outings planned in communities across the province, Nova Scotia Walk Day being celebrated Wednesday is about the joy and benefits of physical activity.

How often information is presented in such forums as doctors columns about one of the most accessible forms of exercise – just getting on your feet more often and covering some territory. The only equipment needed is a comfortable pair of shoes. It’s something that can be done with company or alone if need be.

The former, however, is highly recommended, since the buddy system always works well in keeping up any activity.

We’re also reminded constantly in news reports that we live in a society where obesity is becoming more common. Yet people, it seems, are becoming increasingly aware of the wisdom of staying fit – just consider the community fitness challenges issued during the winter to get people more active.

Those doctors recommend working up to 10,000 steps a day as the optimum goal – a pretty good workout, but certainly doable for most. Getting to that level is highly recommended as a cardiovascular workout and a great way to burn calories when done regularly.

It’s occasionally suggested that people living in rural areas are less likely to walk, since many typical destinations require getting in a car, whereas folks in cities can shop or do many errands by foot.

But more so, it’s a matter of developing habits, reminding oneself that maybe hopping in the car isn’t necessary for many trips, that walking or biking will do just fine.

Additionally, the sheer recreation of a walk is undeniable. All our communities have great trails in town and in rural areas. Many new sporting facilities also offer a walking track.

Getting to 10,000 steps might sound a bit daunting, but it’s like everything else, it’s perfectly all right to start small and gradually work toward the larger goal.

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