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How many strikes before you're out? In baseball it's standard, but somehow among big league politicians, some of them just don't get it when it comes to living high off the hog, and maybe it's time they got sent packing.

We've heard the apologies and excuses before from International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda over her taste for luxury.

The latest is she's sorry after being found out for switching from a five-star hotel during a visit to London to one at more than double the price. The Grange hotel apparently wasn't good enough; the Savoy, at $665 a night was more to her liking.

She also had a driver and luxury vehicle driving her around London at nearly $1,000 a day.

This is the same Conservative cabinet minister who six years ago rejected a minivan provided to take her to the Juno Awards and opted for a limousine instead.

Oda apologized Tuesday and has said she will reimburse taxpayers the $1,353.81 extra it cost for the room switch.

After this many indiscretions, why is Oda still a member of cabinet in the federal government - particularly in a government claiming to want to rein in frills and expenses?

To add insult to injury, Oda's office informs us these expenses didn't break any government guidelines.

The answer to that is, new guidelines are long overdue.

When we have people representing the country on credit cards with no limit, and they can't seem to keep their hands out of the cookie jar, someone else with common sense should be arranging their trips for them.

Not that we want to add any levels of bureaucracy. But have someone in these minister's offices who knows how to plan trips at reasonable rates take over the duties.

Some of these people are living in a fantasy land and need to be placed firmly back in the real world. But given her forgetfulness on such decisions, it's not unreasonable to demand Oda's resignation.

How much wisdom could she possibly bring to the cabinet table?


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Recent comments

  • Fuzzy Bear
    April 25, 2012 - 13:49

    "After this many indiscretions, why is Oda still a member of cabinet in the federal government - particularly in a government claiming to want to rein in frills and expenses"? This is a easy and simple answer....you have a another arrogant (insert your own favorate derogatory catchphrase here) who believes SHE IS ENTITLED to live in the lap of luxury at others expense simply because they know there is no bottom to the trough they are feeding from. And in our hearts we all know the rest of her partners in crime up there are doing the same thing. As in olden days when the King or Feudal Lord, being in charge the royal coffers and also acquiring new sources of revenue as well, see the bottom of the coffer or trough they simply add another tax burden on to the simple lowly peasants! So as you can see the Kings and Lords have now been replaced by Politicians but were still the peasants! My compliments to the media for breaking this story but unfortunately the biggest problem here is only the media is looking at the wastefulness of political people. The average Joe and Jolene are too busy trying to make ends meet and survive. So thank god we do have the media alerting us to these miscarrages of power....now at least we have a chance to give these bottom feeding politicians the reward they deserve next election......GONZO!