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When you read this, it will likely be the day after Canada Day, but hopefully your pride in being Canadian has not quite worn off yet. In fact, some of you may have felt so patriotic that you took Friday off to continue your celebrations.

Seriously, are Canadians patriotic? On the international stage, we tend to go about our business, content with our role as a middle power. Yes, we are patriotic, but without shoving our flag in your face. We pick our times to celebrate our nation, such as July 1, or whenever we win big hockey games.

When you look at our history, our nation was built on the same attitude. Canada was not created out of a bloody battle for independence, but rather a gradual maturing into sovereignty. We were a British Dominion until the First and Second World Wars, when our heavy sacrifices earned us the right to live under no one’s shadow.

So why are we proud to be Canadian? Here are a few reasons:

1) We don’t normally talk about how proud we are to be Canadian. We don’t need to.

2) We’re made up of many different cultures, but we live in peace and freedom.

3) When we get sick, our biggest worry is getting better, not figuring out how we’re going to pay the bill.

4) Neil Young.

5) Especially in the Maritimes, our ever-changing weather. We can sometimes complain about the heat, cold and rain within the same 24-hour span.

6) Our biggest national scandal was the time they wouldn’t let the guy on horseback go through the Tim Hortons drive-thru.

7) Did we mention hockey? Yeah, we’re still the best at that.

Yes, it’s good to be Canadian. Don’t forget it.

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