Olympic dash to the ballot box?

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Now that the prime minister is done grabbing photo ops with Wayne Gretzky and our Olympic athletes, we can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing our parliamentarians are getting back to work, right?
All indications are that the extended time off brought by Stephen Harper's prorogation may not have had the desired results for the government. While they said they needed the time to "recalibrate" the agenda in its transition from stimulus spending mode to post-recession deficit fighting, they have recently indicated that there will be no big spending or tax measures in the coming budget. So why did they need the extra time off?
Of course, they were hoping the Olympic break would put Canadians in a better mood and perhaps forget thorny issues such as the torture of Afghan detainees turned over by Canadian forces, or more Senate appointments Harper once said he'd never make.
However, the prime minister wasn't counting on the length of the backlash his decision to prorogue would create. Thousands expressed their anger in online forums, while the polls showed a narrowing of the gap between the Tories and the Opposition Liberals. That gap still remains narrow.
Despite that, the Conservatives may take this opportunity to orchestrate an election. There have been no signs that the leaders are looking to work together on the next parliamentary session - no meetings have been held - and Harper would love to meet the electorate while images of him cheering on our athletes at the Olympics are still on their minds.
No, Canadians still do not want an election. But do we ever? maybe we have to keep trying until we get a group capable of working together.

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