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Life became much simpler when the lights went down

It landed with a kick and knocked out The Bachelor. Thousands of couch potatoes missed the Bachelor's Final Rose ceremony on their televisions due to an ice storm that reeked havoc on us for too many days. How do you feel after missing this last segment of The Bachelor? I compare it to reading an unforgettable novel only to find the last page missing. How awful is that?
This early March ice storm whacked us around. Almost everyone in Nova Scotia was affected in one way or another. Some were patient with the circumstances while others hopped from pillar to post for warmth, a shower and a hot meal.
Many folks in our area carried out some good deeds to those in need. My friend Bonnie McKay who lives in a senior's complex in Amherst fired up her kerosene heater in the recreation room there. She boiled water on the top of it and hurried along to each senior's door and invited them for tea. Throughout that day with no power the residents were supplied with some warmth and a hot drink. At noon they brought their sandwiches and enjoyed each others company.
Since we didn't have any power at noon on Tuesday, March 10 my husband and I battled the crowds at Tim Horton's in Amherst for lunch. There we met Springhill resident Ethel Gilbert and her friend Marg Hibberts. Ethel told me about driving up Black River Road in Springhill to take some hot water to someone in need. She was shocked to see a half telephone pole hanging only by wires in the center of the road.
All Tim Horton establishments were over crowded. It was a surprise to meet Karen (Pyke) Wood and her husband Laurie Wood who were sitting beside us. Their home in the Springhill Junction had no power and in that area it meant no water. Karen was wondering how she's manage to make sandwiches for the social gathering after the funeral of the late Doug Cox on Wednesday, March 11 at Brown's Funeral Home in Springhill. While I attended the funeral and met the families of both Elsie Cox and her daughter Margaret (Cox) Orlik I noticed and enjoyed a lovely array of sweets and sandwiches prepared by Karen and other women in the town of Springhill.
Throughout the ice storm that left all of us walking and driving tediously on sheets of slippery stuff my husband and I kept tabs on the elderly Comeau couple in West Amherst. Cell phones were a blessing when portable phones didn't work. Fred drove to the Comeau home to get a gas can filled and was able to get their furnace and other electrical appliances running by the use of a gas generator.
During the four days of ice age my home was only in darkness for a total of 8 hours. We considered ourselves very fortunate and were able to help others with our laundry facilities and meals.
We realize there are numerous people who lent a helping hand to their neighbors or total strangers but we must thank those who worked tirelessly to restore the power. These men worked in icy cold conditions atop electrical poles through the days and nights. I must say it was strange to see 7 or 8 power trucks at any given time. I wondered where they all had come from and learned employees and their vehicles came up from Southern Nova Scotia. They were all here for the long haul. A huge thank you to Nova Scotia Power employees.
Actually I got involved in The Bachelor series this year but decided a few weeks ago not to watch it ever again. It's a Dr Phil TV show I'm perturbed about. Just like the novel with the last page missing, the power went off and I had no ending.
Now back to The Bachelor series. If you were one of millions following that story and missed the ending when the power went off you have to know that Jason chose Melissa for his wife but 6 weeks later broke her heart, took back the engagement ring and reached out for his truest love, Molly.
Many of us are hooked on TV and computer entertainment and especially so during our winter seasons. We soon learn that we need the essentials of modern life. Electrical power makes our world go round. How fortunate the residents of Cumberland County were with no major highway accidents and at a time like this with burning candles etc there were no fire disasters.
While sitting in the dark, the other night my husband said "This is what it was like when we were kids in Springhill." I have to admit it was difficult to look back that far and try to figure out what we did then for entertainment when at times we had no power. However, I do remember a Coleman lamp sitting in the center of our kitchen table and fighting with my sisters for the use of the red crayon. We didn't have to worry if the last page of our colouring book was missing. Each picture we coloured told it's own story whether it was Santa Claus or Donald Duck. This is the end of my story.
"In the midst of winter, I have finally discovered that there is within me an inevitable summer." (The Little Book of Moods by Jane Eldershaw)

Organizations: Tim Horton's, Brown's, Nova Scotia Power

Geographic location: Springhill, Amherst, Nova Scotia Black River Road Southern Nova Scotia Cumberland County

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