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The dirty side of winter

Greetings readers, hope you all had a great week and are having some of the happiest of holidays. Now that the rush is over, isn't it nice to just relax now? I'll answer that: yes. All the scampering about, through good and bad weather, makes those moments of relaxation and the enjoyment of family and friends, all the more sweeter.
You probably wouldn't believe that such a sentiment would be coming from the likes of me, if you also knew just what kind of a morning I started my feet off on. So, I'll tell you. It was this Monday morning past, and after a nasty night of snowfall and howling, high winds, I finally, dragged my sorry self from my warm, snuggly bed at oh, six a.m. to go out into the blustering weather and shovel my way out of the driveway. Mind you I did not shovel a whole lot, but just wide enough to get a vehicle out of the drive. Half shoveling the driveway may seem lazy, but hey, it works.
Seeing me put on my boots, mittens, scarf, and hat, the dog, decided he would like to come out too. Why not? He'd be great company and he likely had to pee anyway, so my trusty, thirteen and a half year-old friend bounced out the door along with me. It was windy, extremely windy, and after about fifteen minutes of me shoveling, I noticed the dog pacing back and forth between me and the house, then after a little bit, he just stuck close to the house. I was guessing he'd had enough. Right-o. I let the dog back into the house, and thought to myself as I fought my way back out to the yard, that the saying is true: dogs are Man's Best Friend. My dog wanted in to cozy up with his "friend" who was still tucked, warmly away like Sleeping Beauty.
Once I finished all the shoveling I was up for, I started the vehicle to let it warm. I scraped the windows, cleaned off the lights and license plate, and the popped the hood to clean off around the wipers and air intake. That's when the trouble started. Since it was so windy the wipers were actually flapping up from the window. You would think that I, having seen this, would have had ample warning for what was about to happen. No. Not me.
As quick as you please the hood came off its feeble jack stand and crashed, none to lightly I might add, onto my head. It was a good thing it was so early in the morning, the wind was howling, and that nobody was around. I'm now sporting a lovely, new lump on my head for the holidays and will more than likely have a new nickname to go along with the lump. I'm guessing "Lumpy" should just about do it. The thing that worries me now and will continue to do so until Christmas morn, is if Santa happened to have heard me on Monday and the few choice expletives that spewed from my mouth, I'm quite sure that I am now, on the Naughty List and will find nothing for me, under my tree.
Happy holidays everyone and watch your language.
Inspirational quote for the week ahead by Author Unknown - "Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen."

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