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The sentiment has been around for decades. Maybe even longer. The world is becoming a smaller place, someone will say. And those within earshot will nod their agreement.
Perhaps it caught on in the post-Second World War era when superhighways sprang up throughout North America and the commercial airline industry became mainstream.
Maybe it was uttered more than a generation earlier when cars replaced the horse and buggy as the primary mode of travel. Or more than a century ago when giant steamships crisscrossed the ocean and the golden age of train travel reigned supreme.
Each, in turn, brought people together faster. Travel destinations went from months to weeks. From weeks to days. From days to hours.
Only now, it seems, the world is no longer getting smaller.
As we enter the dawn of out-of-control energy prices, every trip beyond the driveway has to be accounted for. Sunday drives? For the well-heeled, maybe. For the rest of us, a luxury that we can no longer afford. Well, maybe it's still doable, provided, of course, the skyrocketing oil bill can be paid this winter.
And, so, most of us will likely have to get used to spending our free time closer to home. Just like the campers who are filling up the Colchester County campgrounds this summer.
It's the new reality. It may even prove to be a blessing if a by-product of reduced travel is a cleaner environment.
We'll see.
In the meantime, it probably won't be too long before someone says the world sure has become a bigger place.
- Transcontinental Media

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