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Christopher Gooding
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Well, the gig is up. Smokers can no longer smoke in motor vehicles with children in them. This is good. Really.
Not being one to overlook an opportunity to create a stir I'm passing on to you my list of places to stop and have a smoke. Granted its not a complete list of where you will soon find road side smokers it does give you an idea of where the department of highways should be making arrangements to set up ashtrays to keep our highways and byways free of cigarette butts.
Here we go:
The Little Forks Park - overlooked but convenient.
Cape d'Or - What a view. What a great place to have a smoke.
The Old Halifax Road, Collingwood - sure its bumpy but on a good day you can see smoke from miles way.
The tidal bore look off in Maccan - its amazing how fast this phenomenon moves. (I wonder if a cigarette butt could surf?)
Anywhere's along the Wentworth Highway - since the government gave up its absolute control over this road I've kept a special spot in my heart for the Wentworth Valley.
Five Islands - it should be considered a sin if you can drive through Five Islands without stopping.
Neville Lake at Halfway River - great view and there's an outhouse.
Yeah, some of these places might fall under the public places category where smokers can't light up but it should get the ball rolling on creating a greater sense of community amongst those addicted to the dreaded tobacco leaf. And who knows, maybe some day we'll start to see more kids flying kites and throwing Frisbees in the fields and parks because mom and pop haven't quit smoking yet. Personally I see this move as not only an opportunity to smoke less until I finally do quit and get out more but a chance for all of Nova Scotia to slow down, take more breaks when traveling and just enjoy this great province of ours with a filthy cigarette in one hand, a camera in the other and a pack of screaming children in the car, just like we've done for generations.
The only difference is the kids won't have to put up with our bad habits in close quarters while we rediscover the wonders of our own backyard. Kind of makes you feel bad for the nonsmokers who will continue to blast along the highways and byways to where ever it is they're going, never knowing what its like to have the government rule that you have to stop every now then and just enjoy where you are.

Geographic location: Little Forks Park, Old Halifax Road, Maccan Wentworth Valley Neville Lake Halfway River Nova Scotia

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