Fat boy slimmer: Week three - 208.8

Eric Sparling
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“I’m following my diet and I’m doing my exercises, but the scale won’t budge!”

That’s usually a lie. Not always, mind you. There are medical conditions that make it tough to lose weight, and every dieter has plateaus. But weight-loss is a fairly simple (albeit not easy) equation: eat less, move more.

So I’m going to be honest about this past week: I should have lost more. It was only the second week, when my metabolism should still be ramped up. Three or four pounds would have been a decent result, not less than two.

“But I’m following my diet and doing my exercises!”

No, I wasn’t. Father’s Day came early Saturday night, with a feast at Duncan’s Pub. I wonder what kept me from a four-pound loss? Perhaps it was the nachos. Or maybe the French fries. Two pints of Hoegaarden has to have a calorie or two doesn’t it? And I’m sure a slice of carrot cake didn’t help.

I was much more restrained on Sunday, until I wasn’t, some time around 4 or 5 p.m.

I’m all for cheat days. Call them sanity breaks. I like my junk food too much to ever leave it behind. Besides, chocolate cake would miss me. So I give myself one day a week to loosen the reins. But this week the horse thought it was the Kentucky Derby. I’ll have to put some limits on unlimited cheat day – like sticking with one day, for starters.

I told myself I would only get on the scale the day I write this column. As a precaution, though, I stepped on a day early, and it was lucky I did. I had to be ruthless the rest of the day. I almost resorted to spitting to peel off an extra ounce.


This is not an advice column. Please consult a medical expert or nutritionist for sound dietary advice. Eric Sparling is an Amherst Daily News reporter, and former senior editor at Oxygen, a women’s fitness magazine.

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