Fat Boy Slimmer: Week Nine - 199

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This is supposed to be a weight-LOSS column, right?

I’m glad I dipped below 200 pounds, sure, and any weight lost is progress, but three pounds in three weeks isn’t an earth-shaking result, especially in the era of reality shows where dieters plummet 15 pounds in a week.

The problem is, I’ve been eating on credit. What’s that? Well, it’s the dietary equivalent of Europe’s deficit problem: I’ve been eating beyond my means – consuming calories now, and worrying about burning them later.

I do my official weigh-in Tuesday morning, then write this column usually Tuesday afternoon. Then it appears in the Wednesday paper. The last few weeks, instead of cheating on my diet on the weekend – having dieted hard all week, and with a looming weigh-in acting to rein in excessive gluttony – I’ve been stuffing my face starting Tuesday, right after my weigh-in. By the time you read this column on the Wednesday, I’ve already regained some of the weight I’m reporting lost. Then I diet hard the last few days to squeak under my previous weight.

Not this week, though. As you read this, I’m probably lighter than the 199 in the headline. It’s the middle of Tuesday afternoon, I’m counting calories, and I’m on track to stay within my budgeted 2,000. I’m going to keep it up, too. Yes, I’ll still have a cheat day, but it will fall later in the week, when I’ve already shed a pound or two, and when a looming date with the scale will curb my worst instincts. The long and short is that I’ve got my eye on breaking 196 by next week – as many pounds in one week as I’ve lost in the last three.

I’ve got a goal to reach, and I don’t intend to stumble into Thanksgiving 10 pounds shy of 175.


This is not an advice column. Please consult a medical expert or nutritionist for sound dietary advice. Eric Sparling is an Amherst Daily News reporter, and former senior editor at Oxygen, a women’s fitness magazine.

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