Fat Boy Slimmer: Week Seven - 200.6

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I blame the potato salad.

An invitation to spend a sunny Sunday at the beach. I knew there would be tasty food. And I knew I was out of cheat days. But that didn’t stop me from having “just a spoon” of the potato salad.

It was the spoon of a giant.

It could have been worse. Without an imminent weigh-in, potato salad would have turned into a milkshake on the drive home, and a mountain of corn flakes before bed. So I’m gonna call this week a big ‘not bad’.

No one posted their weight in the comments section on the website under last week’s column! That’s fine…no, I’m not offended…not even a little…

OK, so here’s the NEW challenge. Find this column on our web site and log-on to the comments section: declare yourself ‘on-board’ with the Fat Boy Slimmer lean down. You don’t need to give your starting weight, but each week, log on and state how many pounds you are ‘plus’ or ‘minus’ from the previous week.

I guess you could do it anonymously, but you and I both know how well that will work. If I wasn’t visible and being judged every week, I would have tucked into a box of Snickers bars weeks ago.

I should spout my two-cents on this topic before I sign off: residents of this part of northern Nova Scotia are the second fattest Canadians, according to a recent news item. So in your face, third-place Yarmouth! Many people have forwarded the notion healthy food is too expensive for low-income people. This is false. Prepackaged, convenient healthy food is more expensive than the unhealthy equivalent, yes. But healthy produce and grains are one of the cheapest ways to eat.

Disagree? Great. Leave a comment on the web site – and save money by dieting with me.


This is not an advice column. Please consult a medical expert or nutritionist for sound dietary advice. Eric Sparling is an Amherst Daily News reporter, and former senior editor at Oxygen, a women’s fitness magazine.

Organizations: Amherst Daily News

Geographic location: Northern Nova Scotia

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  • Kathy Morash
    July 18, 2012 - 08:34

    Dear Eric, The very best favour you can do for yourself and readers of your excellent column is to read "Wheat Belly" by cardiologist Dr. William Davis. His website is www.wheatbellyblog.com. Your life and your weight will change, you will have your problem licked, and you will be amazed at how easy it is. I am not affiliated with Dr. Davis, but I sure am a fan. 60 pounds down, life is great, and I feel amazing. I feel like my life has been saved. That is all.