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To the editor,
It is very hard to feed one's family when the cupboard is bare. And that is just what our NDP Government is trying to do. After winning the election and coming into power, they found that the Tory government had spent far beyond their means and were then trying to spend money from the Offshore Accord to stay in office.
So I am not sure just what Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil is talking about in his letter to The Record, Wed, Nov. 25. I think it is about time that he should step out in the real world and take a good look around him and then he just may see what is going on around him. For up to now the Dexter government has been doing a very good job of cleaning up the mess that the MacDonald government left behind.
And as far as Mr. Rodney MacDonald goes it did not take him long to jump ship and go back to playing the fiddle. I sure hope that he can play the fiddle better than he did at running the government in Nova Scotia.
Now in the past couple of weeks the NDP government has cut expenses to all MLAs and they are very out in the open when they do anything. No, Mr. Dexter is not hiding behind anyone or anything. And if the budget is not balanced in the first year we have the past government to blame and not Mr. Dexter. For they were not the ones that drained the bank.
So get real Mr. McNeil and look at the real picture. And yes Nova Scotians are reasonable people that is why we have an NDP government today and not a Liberal or Tory government. For I, along with many others, am proud to have voted them in.
Thank you and have a great day.

Loyd Murray
New Glasgow

Geographic location: Nova Scotia, New Glasgow

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