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Glenda Janes
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Rain holds off for Cheryls special day

Hello from River Hebert! I dont know about you but Im sick of rain! With the amount of rain we had in August, we certainly didnt need what Hanna had to give to us but thankfully it wasnt as bad as they had first predicted.

As most of you know there was some damage done to our area, including a section of road in Strathcona. Not only was it damaged but a section had to be taken out and repairs had to be made. This made going to work a little tricky on Monday. The Boars Back Road was in good shape and so was Southampton. Yes there was some water on the road in places and a few shoulders washed out, but nothing real serious. That was until we turned onto Little Forks Road. We hadnt gone far when we came upon a flooded portion of road. There were pylons on the right side of the road indicating not to drive there. We stopped the car for a moment to look the situation over, when two vehicles passed us and made it through safely, so we decided to follow. As we drove through I looked out the window and it was then that I realized, OMG that side has no road! After we had reached solid ground we agreed that if we couldnt make it home the usual way, there was no way we were driving though that way again it was just downright dangerous. But within an hour it was announced that Little Forks Road was closed.

I am glad to say that all was well coming home, except for the part where the car wouldnt start. But as far as the roads go, they are all clear and the road has been fixed in Strathcona.

I think it is only fitting that we send our thanks to the River Hebert Volunteer Fire Department, who took charge of the situation and did what needed to be done before the unthinkable happened and someone was hurt. Also we should thank Allen and Ron Baker, who are always there when we need them. Thanks to all of you for a job well done.

Im extremely glad that the rain held off and Saturday turned out to be a great day for the Rhodes family and Cheryls celebration. Unfortunately because of work I wasnt able to attend but I was told it was a huge success and everyone enjoyed the day.

Guest speakers Murray Scott, Bill Casey, John Reid and of course Cheryl herself gave very emotional speeches, thanking the community for their wonderful support. I am told that the $6,000 that was needed for the blanket warmer has been raised. What a wonderful community we live in!

I would like to take a moment to talk to you about a phone call that I received over the weekend. A lady called on behalf of her parents. She is very concerned about her parents, who live on a fixed seniors income and the cost of their heating oil. On Friday her mother phoned the oil company that she has dealt with for the past 30 plus years to order her regular $300 worth of oil, only to be told that they would deliver it this time but from now on they would have to order $400 worth. Now this ladys questions to me are: No. 1, can oil companies refuse someone that can only afford $300 a month? No. 2, how can a company that her parents have dealt with for that many years, think so little of their loyal customers to do this? No. 3, How are people going to afford both a hydro bill and heating oil in the same month, when there are many people not only seniors on fixed incomes? No. 4, where is this all going to end? Like this lady stated to me, where are people going to find the money for food, medications, gas for doctor visits and everything else that comes under the heading every day living?

Well in truth I really dont have the answers to all these questions, but I have assured this lady that I will help her find the answers. The first place we will start is by contacting the oil companies and government to see if they have any answers for us. Yes, we are two little people and chances are we may not make a difference but like the old saying goes, The squeaky spoke gets the most grease. As we get the answers we will be sure to pass them on to you.

Community Appreciation Day & Open House

When: Saturday, Sept. 13

Time: 1 to 4 p.m.

Location: River Hebert Fire Hall

The members of the River Hebert Fire Department would like to show the community their appreciation by hosting a corn boil and barbecue. There will be demonstrations, including a demonstration by the Amherst Fire Department HAZMAT team.

Everyone is invited to take part and we hope to see you there.

Benefit Dance for Mike and Amanda

When: Sept. 13

Location: River Hebert Legion

Time: 9 p.m. -1 a.m.

Donations at the door

50/50 draw

Live auction

Tickets on a glass turkey

In July, McLellans garage was destroyed by fire and like most of us know, Mike and Amanda have always generously been supportive of our community.

An Autumn Afternoon

When: Sunday, Sept. 28

Time: 2 to 4 p.m.

Location: River Hebert Legion

Admission: Donations at the door

Entertainment By: Square Dancers, the Cumberland Twirlers, Bridget Michels, Fundy Childrens Choir, Wayne Lewis and Kenny Eagles.

There will be a 50/50 Draw and all proceeds will go to Heritage Models. This event is for all ages and everyone is welcome to attend. It will be a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. See you there.

Organizations: River Hebert Volunteer Fire Department, Amherst Fire Department HAZMAT

Geographic location: River Hebert, Strathcona, Little Forks Road Boars Back Road

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