EastLink Internet users get upgraded speed, price

Jacob Boon
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Internet boost occurring at same time as annual rate increase just a coincidence, says EastLink rep.

If you subscribe to EastLink Internet, you might want to check your bill. Not only has the telecommunications company altered its rates, but it’s also doubled its Internet speeds for thousands. 

"We were targeting a couple of kinds of customers," says Jordan Turner, EastLink public relations coordinator. "This is kind of normal business for anyone like us."

In a letter mail-out, EastLink announced to certain residential customers that it was doubling its high-speed Internet as “appreciation for your business, and to make sure you have the speed you need.”

Basic Internet subscribers with 1.5 megabits per second service were bumped up to five, while those at five megabits per second were increased to 10.

Turner wouldn't offer an exact number, but said the boost affects "thousands" of EastLink subscribers throughout Nova Scotia.

EastLink offers 20, 40 and 80 megabits per second service in its bundles, thus making the 1.5 and five megabits per second users on the slower side of online speeds.

"We decided to move them along," says Turner. "Yes, it was fairly close to the date we did our annual increase. But that was more of a coincidence than anything else."

According to Turner, EastLink’s annual rate adjustment coincided this year with the upgraded Internet speeds. He says the two are “not necessarily related.”

Nor, according to Turner, is the increase a counter to Bell Aliant Inc., which upgraded its FibreOp network speeds in April. 

Bell Aliant currently offers 50, 80 and 175 megabit per second download speeds in its three-tier services.

"Our customers have told us that they want and need faster internet service," says Isabelle Robinson, media relations with Bell Aliant. "Things like file sharing, uploading, video streaming have really become common place. The demand for both speed and bandwidth has been exploding."

Robinson says residential customers are now expecting faster speeds to allow for multiple people to be on their computers, gaming systems or smartphones at the same time. But Jordan Turner believes EastLink’s lower download rates are more than enough for its customers, who he says often aren't aware what speed Internet they have. 

"Frankly, that is plenty of speed and all the speed customers need," Turner says. "When you read what they suggest people are going to do with the Internet, you can already do that with our standard Internet offering. 

"It's not like, because you have faster Internet, you're going to watch a three hour movie in half an hour."

Canada’s largest family owned and operated telecommunications company, EastLink has operations in eight Canadian provinces and Bermuda.



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