Springhill celebrates Anne Murray

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SPRINGHILL – The Anne Murray tribute concert in Springhill was successful in drawing in approximately 650 people as the 125th celebrations in Springhill came to a close.

The Shakedown Combo’s (from left) Kim, Davy Lee and Gill Goode gave a rockabilly spin to Anne Murray’s classic Snowbird at Saturday’s show in Springhill dedicated to Anne. This coming week the Maritime Rockabilly Shakedown Festival organized by the Goode’s gets underway in Amherst.

Co-organizer Chris Gooding said it the show went well and according to schedule, something not always easy to do in the music business.

“There were no problems, everything went so well. I'm pumped. I was so pleased with everybody.” Gooding teamed up with Marcie Meekins, the executive director of the Anne Murray centre in Springhill to put on the concert, hiring a sound and stage company from Moncton to offer a big-stage production. 

“Months of work goes into an event like this, but it all starts with an idea,” Meekins said. “It is also the volunteers that allow us to do these sort of things.”

“I was asked to organize it just after Boxing Day,” said Gooding. “I [had] said to Marcie 'I want to get local acts to cover a couple of their own tracks and do an Anne Murray cover.’ We managed to get the top of the crop. We stopped at 10 acts, but then ended up with 12. This is just the tip of the iceberg for local talent in the area. We had to stop at 12.”

The show began at 7p.m. and went until 9 p.m. and used a batter-on-deck philosophy. Once one artist was on stage the other would be waiting to go next, said Gooding.

“A lot of credit goes to the musicians for making this work. I hope we now have 600 additional fans for the acts here. We had a really good team and sound company. We put on a great show.”

Performing at the concert were Fresia, Leah Killen and Gerald Davis, Third Zero, the Shakedown Combo, Rocky Ripley, Michelle Leblanc, Sweet Addiction, Chris James, Castlereagh, Rob Harrison, Barry Patriquin, and D.C. Smith and the Streamliners.

Geographic location: Springhill, Moncton

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Recent comments

  • TJR
    July 30, 2014 - 17:59

    Hey Joe, Can't you play your Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller 78s at home? The other half of the audience stayed, maybe the buyer of those tickets should research the acts playing at a venue.

  • Citizen Joe
    July 29, 2014 - 19:53

    My wife and I , as well as, a number of friends attended the Concert. I sat in the stands and as I looked around most of the people there were over 50 years of age. We found the music too loud, in fact it drowned out the voices of the singers. A number of people left about half way through the evening; I mingled with the crowd after it was over and most didn't enjoy the Concert for the same reason, too loud and couldn't hear the singers. In some cases they didn't enjoy the musical selections. It has been my experience that when concerts are put on, it is the Seniors that attend and therefore it should be music appropriate to the crowd. Most of the singers were very talented and I am sure it would be a quick check of the audience to see who the majority were and maybe different songs could be sung. $20.00 to Seniors is a lot of money to be spent on something they didn't enjoy. I am sure that Chris and Marcie spent alot of time on this and they are to be congratulated. Kindly consider my comments for next.