Collective memories stirred in Christie's recollections

Dave Mathieson
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The three books are currently on sale throughout Amherst

Memories can be personal and communal, and Amherst's Clare Christie shares both in three books she recently published. The books, are entitled ‘Me, Myself and I: to Age 4;' ‘Grace McLeod Rogers; Moving On;' and ‘Read About Amherst. Displaying the books are (from left) Natasha Richard, curator at Cumberland County Museum and Archives, Chantelle Taylor deputy chief librarian at the Four Father's Library in Amherst, Marie Trueman, of the Cumberland County Genealogical Society and Clare Christie.

AMHERST - Most our recollections of childhood stop at the age of four, or later. That's not the case with Amherst's Clare Christie.

"I assumed anything I did remember was when I was four but this happened when I was two," said Christie, as she shows a photo of herself climbing atop a canvas tent. "I was a month or two short of my third birthday and I remember that incident perfectly."

The photo is part of a collection of photos and stories collected in Me, Myself and I: to Age 4, one of three books Christie recently published.

"I was gobsmacked when I went through that photo album and realized it had to be from the summer of 1949.

Christie was born in 1947.

"My family used to live down by Christie's Pond and we moved just as I was starting kindergarten. That's why it's only up to age four."

The collection of memories began as a personal quest but grew from there.

"My brothers are in a lot of the pictures, and then I decided to make it available to them," said Christie. "There are other people in the photos, so I made it available to them as well."

One story in Me, Myself and I: to Age 4 recounts the incident of friend named Ronnie Wood falling through the ice on Christie's Pond at dusk.

"It was fortuitous that I had happened to look at a guide book one of my brothers had from Cubs or Scouts, and it said to lay down on ice and put a pole out to anybody who falls through, and that's what I did," said Christie. "Then we sat there on the edge of the bank and he was wet and cold and freezing but he was scared to go home.

"We sat there for quite a while and finally I said, ‘Ronnie, it's getting really dark. I've got to go home or I'll get in trouble too," said Christie. "I went in and I told them what happened and they went out to see if Ronnie was still there but he'd gone home."

The other two books compiled by Christie are entitled Grace McLeod Rogers: Moving On, and Read About Amherst.

For features on those books, read Wednesdays edition of the Citizen-Record.

The books are available at the Cumberland Museum, at the Cumberland YMCA, at the Artisans Market at the Amherst Curling Club, at Stephanie's Market at Dayle's Department Story, at McCulley's Market and from John McKay at the Farmers' Market on Fridays at the Lions Den. 

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