Baillie says cost of doing nothing is too high

Darrell Cole
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Tory leader calls for government action on Ivany Report

PC leader Jamie Baillie is calling on the Liberal government to begin implementing the Ivany Report.

Cumberland South MLA and PC leader Jamie Baillie speaks to the Amherst Rotary Club on Monday.

AMHERST – One hundred days after its release, Cumberland South MLA and PC leader Jamie Baillie is disappointed with the province’s inaction on implementing recommendations from the Ivany Report.

“We must be bold,” Baillie told members of the Amherst Rotary Club on Monday. “Our province needs drastic change to the way it’s being managed. The cost of doing nothing is too great. The Liberal government needs to stop its walk-in-the-park style of management.”

Baillie said the cost of doing nothing is continued economic stagnation and lost jobs. He told Rotarians that doing nothing has resulted in the loss of 600 jobs across Nova Scotia in the last 100 days.

He said 2,200 jobs have been lost in the last year while 800 jobs have been lost in northern Nova Scotia.

The MLA said he respects the decision made by Nova Scotians last fall when they elected a Liberal majority government, but he said now is no time for a walk in the park when it comes to the province’s future and its economic prospects.

While the Ivany Report made 19 recommendations, Baillie said the most important to him is increasing small business startups by 50 per cent. Baillie said generating 4,200 new business start-ups per year can be helped along by eliminating the small business tax.

Currently, the small businesses with a threshold limit of $350,000 pay three per cent tax. Small businesses over the threshold pay 16 per cent, tied with PEI for the highest in the country.

Eliminating the tax would enable small businessmen to re-invest in their business, hire more people and create more economic activity. They could use it for branding or finding new markets for their products, he said.

Doing nothing, he said, despite the massive challenges facing our province, is a sign of this Liberal government’s incompetence.

Baillie said Ivany’s report was aptly named because the time is ticking.

“Now is the time for real action. No more studies. No more delays. No more deferrals. This should have been a year of action, but it has been a walk in the park by the government and meanwhile the clock is ticking,” said Baillie. “There are enough warning signs. It’s now or never. That 100 days was a time for action, but there has been no action by the provincial government.”

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Organizations: Amherst Rotary Club

Geographic location: Nova Scotia, Northern Nova Scotia

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Recent comments

  • JIM G.
    May 27, 2014 - 01:37

    Mr. Billie has the right idea. That is to reduce the tax on small business. But to be bold go to 0% for income up to $600,000 - $1,000,000. The NDP needn't worry, under their tax and spend scheme no company would have got to $1,000,000. The special interest groups don't have to worry either. There will be tax collected. Once these small businesses get successful because they are not taxed to death they will hire more tax paying employees and pay them well thus creating tax revenue for government. Not only that, the small business owner will pay himself more when his or her company is doing well and bump these people up into higher tax levels and they will be happy to do this. These successful business people will buy more expensive cars and properties leading to even more tax revenues from the HST. We have to get the NDP and to a certain extend the Liberals weaned off the excel spreadsheets where someone plugs in a higher tax rate into the model and out comes increased tax revenues because it never works. The reason is people that get taxed excessively actually work less to avoid all their hard earn dollars and time going to the tax department.

  • Dave
    May 26, 2014 - 20:59

    Jamie I was wondering when you were last in your office in River Hebert. I was in there the other day and your calender is still on November 2013. How can you comment on what other people are doing when we can't get in touch with you. As far as the people of River Hebert are concerned they consider you the MIA for Cumberland South!!!

  • more of the same
    May 26, 2014 - 18:04

    Jamie . Weren't you saying the Provincial Government should be FORCING municipal amalgamations in accordance with the Ivany Report ? Your boldness has turned rather meek lately in that subject in your own riding . Not hard to understand the situation you are in . So time to follow your own opinion and your advise to the government . Let's hear the bold Jamie loud and clear with respect to the Cumberland County / Springhill Amalgamation . .....

    • Richard & Esther Provencher
      May 27, 2014 - 09:58

      When I lived through the amalgamation process in Sarnia-Lambton County, I witnessed the massive expenditure of funds expended by two sides who presented their side of the equation to the tune of about one million each. After it occurred salaries for senior department heads went waaaayyyy up. So what is the value of say melding two Administrators into one for two Homes for the aged, then have salaries go from $48 to almost $100,000. Where is the savings?h The same happened in HRM. when Dept Head salaries almost doubled immediately due to the extra workload they said. From my perspective, amalgamation creates many more jobs than there were before and if someone actually took the time to count they would be shocked. Amalgamation does not save money, it creates more equitable services to outlying areas, at the expense of those who already have it.