Volunteers recognized by Municipality of Cumberland County

Dave Mathieson
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Published on April 09, 2014

Kelligrew also presented a volunteer award to the Cumberland North Academy Group. The group is  Devin Kierstead (left), Roy Taylor and Christine Pipes, who was unable to attend the ceremony. 

Published on April 09, 2014

Larry Ogden received his volunteer award from Keith Hunter, warden for Cumberland County.

Published on April 09, 2014

Andrea Rushton received her award from councilor Bill Baker.

Published on April 09, 2014

Zachary Williams also received his award from from Baker. Also, Betty Mannert, constiuent assistant for Scott Armstrong, MP for Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley, presented a certifcate from Armstrong to each of the Volunteers of the Year.

Published on April 09, 2014

Edith Wood was helped to the front by councilor Daniel Rector...

Published on April 09, 2014

...and then she was presented with her award.

Published on April 09, 2014

Nellie Gilroy received her award from councilor Ernest Gilbert.

Published on April 09, 2014

Gale Boland received her volunteer award from councilor Donald Fletcher.

Published on April 09, 2014

Kellie Seaman (left) was presented with flowers by Shelly Hoeg for organizing the Volunteer of the Year event. Seaman is the Finance & Human Resources Administrative Assistant with the Municipality of Cumberland County and Hoeg is the Executive assistant to the county's CAO. Also, the cooks were applauded for the turkey dinner they cooked for the event.

TRUEMANVILLE – Volunteers from Cumberland County were presented with Volunteer of the Year awards Tuesday night in Truemanville.

“Cumberland County, not just the rural area but the whole county, is known for its volunteerism and its generosity," said Keith Hunter, warden for Cumberland County. “Without the volunteers we wouldn’t be able to have all the infrastructure we have now and we wouldn’t be able to provide a lot of the services. When I say we, I’m talking about the whole county, not just the municipal unit.”

Hunter says volunteers are often very humble.

“Most of them want to stay in the background and do all the free work that they do,” said Hunter. “Even though they don’t like to stand up and make speeches like some of us politicians do, they really deserve it and it’s nice to see them get some recognition.”

Recipients at the awards ceremony were:

– Jean Miller

Miller was recognized as Volunteer of the Year for her work with the Cumberland County Hospice Palliative Care Society and Christmas for Kids for more than 20 years.

She is also a prominent volunteer for the Highland Fling each year and is active at her Church.

Miller has also been a part of “Daisy Day” awareness and the Annual Garden Party.

John Kellegrew, Municipality of Cumberland councilor for District 2, presented the award to Miller.

– Cumberland North Academy Group

The CNA group consists of Devin Kierstead, Roy Taylor and Christine Pipes.

They were recognized for volunteering for various programs at Cumberland North Academy, incuding: Zumba, Home and School, class trips, fundraising, plays and concerts and the Christmas float.

 Kellegrew presented the award.

– Larry Ogden

Ogden is Cumberland County’s representative nominee this year and attended the Provincial Awards Monday night in Halifax.

Ogden volunteered in his community for the past 30 years. He coached hockey and girl’s hockey, he’s been involved in the Community Association of Tidnish, and he is a long-time original member of the Pic n Grin Family of Entertainers.

Keith Hunter, county warden, and representative for District 3, presented the award to Ogden.

– Andrea Rushton

Rushton was recognized for her volunteer work with the Canadian Red Cross for over six years, playing an active role as team leader in Disaster Management.

Bill Baker, councilor for District 6, presented the award to Rushton.

– Justin Rushton

Rushton was recognized for his volunteer work for the Westchester Fire Department for 18 years. Rushton has spent the last nine of those years as Fire Chief.

– Zachary Williams

Williams is Cumberland’s Youth nominee this year.
For five years Williams was active with the 4-H Club in the community.

He has also been a volunteer firefighter for eight months and is working towards his Level 1 certification. Williams has also been volunteering for the Eagle Hill Cemetery for two years.

Baker also presented the award to Williams.

– Edith Wood

Wood has been a member of the Linden 4-H Club since 1970, and, as a leader, she has been involved in activities including: sewing, crafts, cake decorating and fundraisers. 

Wood is also a member of the Linden Community Organization. She helps with events in the community including: country suppers, the strawberry festival, and the pancake Breakfast 

Wood also organizes crib nights at the community hall.

Daniel Rector, councilor for District 7, presented the award.

– Nellie Gilroy

Gilroy used to be an active member of the Mapleton United Church.

She was involved in the Maple Syrup and Pancake presentations in the fall and the Strawberry Shortcake functions in the summer

Gilroy spends her time bringing food to seniors and shut-ins throughout the community along with providing food to those in bereavement.

She is also a supporter and canvasser for the Springhill & Oxford Area Chapter Kidney Foundation.

Ernest Gilbert, councilor for District 8, presented the award to Gilroy

– Gale Boland

Boland is an active member of the Diligent River Hall Association and has been treasurer for the past four years.

When the hall was being renovated, Boland gave her time to help with the repairs. These included: gyp-rocking, dry-walling, painting, and the odd repair.

She also helps with organizing the fundraisers for the hall.

Boland assists the treasurer for the Age of Sail Museum and helps coordinate the Age of Sail Marathon.

In the community, Boland has been involved in getting welcome and scenic view signs. She is also responsible for the erection of the War Memorial and the maintenance of the site.

In 2010, Boland wrote a book entitled Diligent River Roots. It spoke about the history of the buildings, churches, shipbuilding and people who lived within the community.

Donald Fletcher, councilor for District 10 presented the award.















Organizations: Cumberland County Hospice Palliative Care Society, Annual Garden Party, Cumberland North Academy Home and School Community Association of Tidnish Canadian Red Cross Westchester Fire Department Linden 4-H Club Linden Community Organization Mapleton United Church Springhill Oxford Area Chapter Kidney Foundation Diligent River Hall Association Sail Museum

Geographic location: Cumberland County, Cumberland North, Halifax Maple Syrup

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