Amherst Police issue 10 cell phone tickets, one warning

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During 90-minute cell phone enforcement

Amherst Police conducted a cell phone enforcement campaign on Wednesday, issuing 10 tickets in 90 minutes.

Amherst Police conducted a cell phone enforcement campaign on Wednesday, issuing 10 tickets in 90 minutes.

AMHERST – Some people are still not getting the message about using handheld cell phones behind the wheel.

Amherst Police issued 10 summary offence tickets and one warning during a 90-minute period on Wednesday.

Police are reminding drivers that it’s an offence to operate a motor vehicle while using a cell phone.

Under section 100D(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act it is prohibited to use hand-held cellular telephone or text messaging on communication device while operation vehicle on highway. The offence carries a fine of $176.45 for the first offense, $233.95 for a second offense and $348.95 for a third offense.

According to a CAA’s website on distracted driving, drivers who drive while operating cell phones are 23 times more likely to get into a vehicle collision. 

Talking on your cell phone while driving makes you four to five times more likely to be involved in a crash.

Officers will be conducting similar enforcement blitzes on this issue throughout the year.




Organizations: CAA

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Recent comments

  • Doug P.
    February 27, 2014 - 15:07

    Wow, there sure is good money in ticketing for victimless crime these days. Show me one victim under any of these offenses? No? Not one? it seem a bit fishy that no one gets pulled over for doing their makeup, eating a burger or drinking a coffee all while driving. Its, pretty silly to single out cell phones. I wish I could ticket every time I see a police officer not following speed limits and driving like a raving lunatic to a fender bender at an intersection. I should start recording these infractions and ask the question to every officer: if you can't follow the law how can you pretend to have the moral authority to enforce the laws? But then I guess were supposed to believe that police officers don't break any laws for which they easily prosecute others for.