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  • Doug P.
    February 18, 2014 - 14:02

    The YMCA used to be such a center until the Town forced the tax payers to turn it into a premiere gym and fitness club. So taxpayers are footing the bills for the YMCA and this new center and staff? You can call it the YMI paying for all of this and I still have to pay a membership? I also love how they sugar it up and slide it all through by saying "oh but it's for the children". Who can say no to the children, they are our future". The town might as well just hand the money over to the people clamoring for it and let them blow it. It would save the excuses and back peddling down the road when it fails. Admit it for what this is: handouts to local groups for votes; the quarter million dollar skate park was such an act. It is not the responsibility for Town Council to play youth strategy coordinators. There are parents who do this just fine.

  • kathy hubbard
    February 18, 2014 - 08:45

    i think a youth center/boys and girls club would be awesome in this town,there are no places that tweens can go and feel like they have a safe fun spot to call their own,instead of sitting home in front of their computers they would actually socialize in person with others their age.my husband and i have a building at the robbs ball park ,which we would be willing to sell to the town if they are interested.this spot nextto the ball fields would be a perfect club house,and the lot next to it would make an awesome playground,which there are none in this end of town,which coincided with the building as a youth center would make alot of kids in town happy.this spot would also be the perfect place for the new police station,having easy access to all parts of town quickly.remember ,if you invest in youth,you invest in the future.