Baillie says government needs to protect taxpayers

Darrell Cole
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MLA, PC leader says assessment cap not being enforced

Jamie Baillie is calling on the province to enforce its property assessment cap.

MLA, PC leader says assessment cap not being enforced and he's calling on government to make sure that it is.

SPRINGHILL – Cumberland South MLA and PC leader Jamie Baillie is calling on the province to step in to stop the punishment of land owners by the corporation responsible for property assessments.

“Only in Nova Scotia have we combined death and taxes in that a graveyard has its taxable assessment skyrocket because it has a water view,” Baillie said. “As funny as that may sound, it’s reality for a lot of property owners in this province who have seen their property assessments skyrocket for no real reason.”

Baillie, who met with a group of concerned residents in the Parrsboro area a couple of weeks ago, said the assessment cap was established by a previous PC government to protect people from sudden increases in their property assessments.

He said the new Liberal government needs to step in and make sure the assessment cap is being enforced, while closing any loopholes that may be used to get around the cap.

“It’s an outright tax grab, but it’s the way it’s being done is that’s so frustrating with this,” Baillie said. “Common sense says there’s no way property values can go up 30 to 40 per cent in one year, but that’s what’s happening. A lot of these people are on fixed incomes and can’t afford this sudden jump in their property taxes.”

The PC leader thinks the Property Valuation Services Corp. has found a way around the assessment cap and is sticking it to property owners by saying they have an ocean view.

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Organizations: Property Valuation Services

Geographic location: Nova Scotia, Parrsboro

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Recent comments

  • Monica Sontrop
    February 14, 2014 - 11:21

    I just found out that we are now getting taxed on our well and septic!!? What rationale is this other than grabbing at straws to figure out other way to get taxes. If our well and septic need work is the government going to maintain them like sewer systems or central water systems? No. Would we be better off letting effluent pollute our land and streams? No. What possible rationale is there to tax people who have wells and septics. This is outrageous but how many people even know this is now in our tax bills?

    • Realistic
      February 16, 2014 - 09:34

      Faulty logic there - the government won't fix your house either but they sure as heck will tax it.

  • Doug P
    February 13, 2014 - 15:48

    Mr. Baillie is a perfect politician, claiming to save you from an organization, from whom he makes a generous living from, and has a fundamental purpose to tax as much as it can short of the general public rioting. Mr. Baillie is a two bit salesperson for people who raise your taxes while deceiving you that they have lowered them. Gotta love the theatrical aspect of watching people getting bamboozled by the stereotypical equivalent an egotistical unscrupulous used car salesman.______________________________________________________________________________The moral of the story: they raise taxes with impunity because you the voters keep putting people in high places who, with out fail, take advantage of you. It has nothing to do with finding the "right people"; public office corrupts nearly everyone who enters it. It will never end until you stop voting for it. If however you like to be ripped off ,cheated and lied to at every corner, then by all means keep voting .

  • Jim Grace
    February 13, 2014 - 09:31

    Maybe the property owners can plant trees to block the view. The municipalities could also lower the millrate (tax rate) for view properties thus resulting in lower taxation for these specific properties. Finally, this may be a long shot, if the taxes are too high and owners can no longer afford glasses, they will not be able to see the view and should be refunded accordingly.