LED Roadway Lighting layoffs only short-term

Darrell Cole
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Cartmill expects affected employees back on the job in early 2014

The president and CEO of LED Roadway Lighting says layoffs at his company’s Amherst manufacturing facility are just temporary.

Layoffs at LED Roadway Lighting are only temporary, says the company's CEO.

AMHERST – The president and CEO of LED Roadway Lighting says layoffs at his company’s Amherst manufacturing facility are just temporary and that the future of the company is still bright.

“We have millions of dollars in orders, but they’re just not released. That’s just the way things go,” Cartmill told the Citizen-Record on Monday. “We had geared up to busy, but it’s just the way the business cycle goes this time of year.”

Cartmill said there is lots of work still going on at the Amherst facility and lots more work coming there early in 2014. When that work arrives, he expects all those displaced in recent weeks to be called back.

He said part of the problem right now is many customers prefer not to install lights in colder weather and that many of the purchase orders the company has are for delivery in early 2014.  Because of this, he said, they haven’t been released to be manufactured. When they are, however, things will get very busy again at the Amherst plant.

The company president said the layoffs were a bit of a blip in what has been another very successful year for his company. Cartmill said there continues to be “growth well into the double digits” and its product continues to win praise and awards.

The company is presently exploring other opportunities and is participating in a trial in Bermuda that could see its fixtures used there.

Last week, LED Roadway Lighting laid off an additional 14 employees, bringing the total to 45 over the last three weeks. Cartmill said the timing of the layoffs is very unfortunate, but he said those affected will be back on the job early in 2014.

“This year we’re hitting our forecast and we were expecting to exceed our forecast, based on December, but things happened and that’s just the way it is,” Cartmill said. “I really hate to let anyone go at this time of the year, but when you have equity investors, like the province, they expect you to put the business first at all costs and you have to do that. If you look after the business, the business can look after the people long term. That’s always been our approach.”


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Recent comments

  • Time Will Tell
    December 11, 2013 - 06:20

    Is this just another lie? Out of 45 people, how many do you think will be called back? It will be the people who are the favorites of management. Like the lay offs several years ago, not all got called back. and only because someone who has brown on their nose got to stay. The lay offs were not done at any time by how many years you worked there. The favorites got to stay and this remains the same as all other lay offs. This time they laid off all the good workers and kept the useless. Go figure. They also have used the lay offs to weed out who they do not want back.. Maybe the government should kick out on their loans. It probally would of been used better by bringing another industry to our small town. I also agree if they do not hire most of the 45 people they let go,then the resource tap should be closed for good!

  • Fuzzy Bear
    December 10, 2013 - 15:21

    Well maybe all government assistance through loans and rebates should be frozen until they are at a minimum of the same staffing levels as they were before the grants were given. When LED got the loans etc. the selling feature to the taxpayer was so they could hire more people. Its about time we reminded all the multi-million dollar companies feeding at the government grant trough that when they get any loans or guarantees they have an obligation to live up to their commitments! If they do not then the resource tap should be closed for good!

  • know it all
    December 09, 2013 - 21:49

    Lay them off before christmas = no Christmas bonuses paid out - the orders are there just make the part ahead of time - not rocket science