Permaculture guild planted in Community Garden

Dave Mathieson
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AMHERST – The Amherst Community Garden got an influx of plants on Sunday.

After digging up the rich black soil, Sue Morin plants a plant in the community garden near E.B. Chandler School. Also helping is Lisa Emery and Kate Delmage.

AMHERST – The Amherst Community Garden got an influx of plants on Sunday.

“We have a Current plant, Lemon Balm, Echinacea, Day Lily, Yarrow, Thyme, Oregano and Bee Balm,” said Sue Morin of Community Forests International.

CFI teamed up with the Ecology Action Centre who hosted the planting event at the garden, which is located near E.B. Chandler School.

The garden they planted is called a permaculture guild, which is a group of plants that work together.

“Some of the functions are to cover the soil and be ground cover and some of the functions are to attract pollinators and beneficial insects that will eat pests in the garden,” said Morin. “And some have really deep tap roots that can bring up water and nutrients from deep down in the ground.

“The plants that cover the ground will keep in moisture and keep the soil healthy,” she added. “Those are how the plants work together and help each other for survival.”

Also, all the plants can be eaten by humans or used for medicine.

The garden is laid out on top of the grass. The first step was to put down mulch, manure was put on top of the mulch, then the successive layers laid out were cardboard, compost, more cardboard and then woodchips.

The reason for the layered garden is to kill the grass underneath so the garden will grow.

“That way we don’t have to dig up the grass,” said Morin. “It’s no-till so you preserve the soil and the soil life by adding the soil on top.”

Kate Delmage travelled from Economy to take part in the planting.

“It’s been an information packed couple of hours,” said Delmage. “It’s been a lovely experience.”

Community Forests International is based out of Sackville and they gardens throughout the Maritimes and in East Africa.

For more information on Community Forests International, go to:

For more information on the Ecology Action Centre, go to: 



Organizations: Ecology Action Centre, E.B. Chandler School

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