Martin Steps Down as Amherst Men’s League President

Jamie Heap
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Crocker appointed new president; Arbing stays on as league treasurer

Cumberland Reds' player Luke Crocker (right) was appointed the new president of the Amherst Men's Slopitch League Tuesday night after outgoing league president George Martin stepped down after being at the helm of the league for 14 of the past 15 years.

AMHERST-While the 2013 Amherst Men’s Slopitch League maybe a distant memory, changes are afoot for the aforementioned league’s 2014 ball season.

Representatives from five of the league’s eight 2013 teams (Cumberland Reds, Free Agents, Green-Smith, IMP and Sobeys) met Tuesday night as a follow-up to an informal meeting that took place this past July at Robb’s Centennial Complex .

The most significant thing to come of the aforesaid meeting was the appointment of Cumberland Reds’ player Luke Crocker as the slopitch league’s new president.

“I think the meeting went pretty good,” stated Martin, who stepped down Tuesday evening after running the league for 14 of the past 15 years. “When I took the league over in 1998, it was $8,000.00 in debt to the Amherst Rec. Department,” stated Martin. “It’s time for me to move on,” stated Martin, who was thanked by those in attendance for his near decade-and-a-half of service to the slopitch league.

“I think that the league will be in good hands with Luke (Crocker),” stated Martin. “I will be there for him if he needs any help,” said Martin. “But I won’t umpire,” laughed Martin. “I umpired for 30 years,” he added. “I’ve had my fill of that.”

Vince Arbing will remain on as treasurer of the Amherst Men’s Slopitch League.

Amherst Men’s Slopitch league umpire Bonnie Quinn also attended the meeting. Among the issues that were discussed included an expanded regular season schedule and uniform rules, such as a consistent strike zone across the league.

League umpires include Quinn, Charlie Chambers, Vern Hurley and Randy Ward.

The league, which was comprised of eight teams last season, will be looking at ways to increase revenue through fundraising and increased advertisement.

In the long run, it is hoped that more even more teams will want to join the league.    

The Amherst Men’s Slopitch League follows the rules of Slopitch National (SPN) “We're an SPN league and we follow their guidelines,” stated President Crocker.

One rule change that took effect this past season in the league was the move from gray-dot softballs to hot-dot softballs. Hot-dots do not travel as far as gray-dots.

Organizations: Amherst Men, Slopitch League, Sobeys

Geographic location: AMHERST

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