Pure Energy goes into receivership

Darrell Cole
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About 20 employees out of work

Amherst’s industrial park has been dealt a blow with the closure of Pure Energy Battery. The company, that employed about 20, was placed into receivership late last week. 


AMHERST – An Amherst battery manufacturer has closed its doors throwing about 20 people out of work.

Peter Wedlake, senior vice-president with Grant Thornton in Halifax, confirmed Tuesday the manufacturer, located in the Amherst and Area Industrial Park, has gone into receivership.

“The company has been placed into receivership and we are just assessing the situation right now. It’s too early to determine what the best course is going forward,” Wedlake said.

Calls to the company’s Amherst office were referred to the receiver while locked doors greeted employees coming to work last Friday.

Wedlake is not sure how long the company will remain closed. He said it’s a possibility the company could operate while in receivership, but he said it’s too early to determine whether that will happen.

“We’re just assessing that right now,” he said. “We’re determining whether it makes sense to operate while going through the process to find a new buyer to take over the plant and hopefully reopen it.”

Pure Energy opened in the former Leaf Confectionary building in the mid-1990s. The company manufactured rechargeable alkaline batteries for markets in Canada, the United States and Europe.

It was purchased several years ago by Colorado-based Wild Charge. It’s not believed the receivership will affect the parent company.

Amherst Mayor Robert Small said he is disappointed with the news but hopeful a resolution will be found to see it reopened as soon as possible.

“Pure Energy has been an important part of our industrial park for nearly 20 years and we’re hopeful as a town that we will find a positive solution in terms of potential new ownership,” the mayor said. “We’re willing to work with the province and other entities in seeking a positive resolution. Hopefully, we will end up making the plant stronger if the right buyer can be found.”

This is not the first time the future of Pure Energy has been in question.

In 2011, officials with parent company, Colorado-based Wild Charge, announced it was laying off its entire Amherst workforce because of a shortage of materials required in the manufacturing process.

The company called workers back to the job about 10 days later.


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Organizations: Grant Thornton

Geographic location: AMHERST, Halifax, Area Industrial Park Canada United States Europe

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Recent comments

  • Carl from Calgary
    June 25, 2015 - 23:25

    Well, I bought their charger and batteries, and quite a few of them. Truth of the matter is, neither the charger nor the batteries work anymore, though they are like new and have seen minimal use. Went back to Energizer - what a difference!

  • Easterner Gone West
    May 22, 2013 - 14:16

    It is more Nova Scotia....taxing everyone so bad they can't afford to stay there or do business there.

  • Mr. Chow
    May 22, 2013 - 13:10

    It was funny I was coming back to town from Moncton today and saw a UHL with a car with it leaving the area. It really does suck about Pure Energy but this here is our fault as a community. The reason I say this that we all buy batteries for well pretty much what ever. They do sell these batteries at WalMart but people keep buying the other brand names. We really can not keep saying we want to keep these companies here when we can really buy these batteries here and help these 20 people out. I understand there are some companies here in town that really suck (movie theatre). But when there is a company here that employs 20 people and we need there product any ways then we should have been buying them. But under the new council we have right now we have lost three good size (how many they employ). Maybe it is a time for council to stop thinking of there raise and thing about this town.

    • Mathew
      June 01, 2013 - 17:46

      If these batteries are available in let's say Walmart like you say, then they should be very fine for business. Walmart like any store, pays a lot of money to keep these products in stock. If nobody buys them, then sure they don't keep stocking them... but honestly people buy batteries like you say but people nowadays have a CHOICE. If they couldn't compete and capture a lot of people's battery dollars then they obviously were incompatent and as a result wouldn't have made much money anyway. The thing some people forget is, the good ol' US ecomomy excuse which is used so much lately actually works in this case because the Pure Energy company is based in United States. Amherst is just a branch of that. Also $15 for a pack of rechargable batteries is quite steep... I have used their products and they're good but a lot of people would rather spend a dollar or two here and there then throw them out then spend a larger amount up front for a pack of batteries. Guess it's just a matter of fact and ones opinion.

  • Bob
    May 22, 2013 - 12:19

    Part of your story is wrong, it was last Wednesday that the employees were told to go home at lunch time.

  • Twenty Jobs
    May 22, 2013 - 11:30

    Its all well and good for the mayor to be making statements about reviving this place, but what I would have been happier to read is that they've actually been working on this and have a solution at hand. But of course, this is not the case because the mayor and council are too focused on downtown beautification and giving themselves raises. I understand that the "Career Resource Center" downtown is closing or has closed and the "Ardede" store in the mall is also closing its doors. Will the last one outa here please shut off the lights.....

    • al
      May 23, 2013 - 09:26

      do we honestly need mayors and councils to run our towns in cumberland county? please everyone take the time and think about it,,with the salaries we are paying for those people we can hire few qualified people to run the place,,and bring new ideas and new business ,,people who wont be afraid to face the politicians and travel,,Mr dexter must come here,,not to make speaches and promises,,but to see and act......trust me guys,,next on the closing list will be our mall

  • al
    May 22, 2013 - 09:26

    another example how bad the situation is in amherst and cumberland county,,buisnesess are closing,,people unemployed or moving out,,i think its time to stop brain wash the people about the bright future and empty promises and do something serious about this mess,,ask and demand for help from the province and the federal government,,aske the politicians to come here and see by themselves,,

  • wtg
    May 22, 2013 - 08:04

    This town keeps getting better and better, what a bright future we have here,,,